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I worked there and know it is a scam.DO NOT go in for an interview.

They get your money for the schooling but half goes to HR for hiring bonus. Ontario office managers treated me like garbage. I also worked with other agents there that quit after only 2 weeks, because managers there promised them the world. They get your money then don't give a *** about you.

I wasted over 700 for nothing. That field of work is not for everyone but I came from a sales back ground and now work for another company.

They tell you they provide leads.However if you do not do what they like then you get zero leads.

Monetary Loss: $750.

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Kansas City, Kansas, United States #739198

This company may be legit but they are definitely not honest with you.I received a call from a lady stating that she found my resume on Career Builders and wanted to bring me in for an interview for a HR position that they had available.

When I arrived there, several other ladies there also waiting. The openings were sales positions going door to door sailing supplemental life insurance.

What a waste of my time.I ended up walking out.


They sent me an e-mail inviting me to an interview with a contact number in the State College, Pa office.I knew nothing about the company but I called.

I never applied for a job but they claimed to have pulled my resume from Career Builder. Bells and whistles in the e-mail and the phone call. Sounded too good to be true! Thank god for this site, because after I set-up the interview I did more research and realized what a complete waste of my time and gas it would have been.

When I called to cancel, the so called manager (Kim) tried to talk me out of it, which is funny because only a gimmick would try to get keep you in). She attempted to make me feel contrite for now keeping my appointment.

Last thing I said to get her off the phone nefore I hung up "NO INTERVIEW FOR YOU, CALL ME BACK IN 1 YEAR" in my best "Soup Nazi" impression.:grin

to kj #735206

I meant for not keeping my appointment

to kj Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #784651

I have an interview on Friday.Now I'm real scared.

I think I'll go and wait to smell the ***.

Then after 2 or three whiffs I'll just excuse myself to go get some *** repellent and walk out.To think I almost bought a new suit?!


Funny ...I went to an interview today with AIL.

I decided to check out AIL on the internet while waiting for the "powerpoint/movie" session(interview #2). Didn't realized soo many websites were filled with unhappy encounters but it made me come up with a few questions to ask them on interview #2.

"Turnover of agents in the first year?"

"Expected hours spent in a day?"

"What common factor did you see in the group of twenty of us today?"

No answer given to any of my questions in the after movie interview. Confused, I asked "wasn't I supposed to ask questions at this point?". He just looked at me and took notes. That was when I truly realized that there was something not quite 'right' here. He had gone all cold on me the second I asked my three queries.

I left feeling all weird and ruffled and when I got home I looked up AIL more thoroughly. Lot of negativity out there! Hey, I fell for the Kirby sales ploy back in the '80's and this is exactly what that felt like.

Soo... Don't take my word if you are a prospective employee just ask a few simple questions yourself before you make the final leap. This might be the job for you.

Point of interest: note that most of the comments found out here about how good AIL is seems to be written by English failures -mis-spelled words, lack of capitalization, run on sentences, etc., etc. Just really doesn't match up to people that make a high wage in any field.


Point of interest: Did you actually put an application with this company? I did not but didn't realize this unntil after I got home and reviewed all the app's I put in this week.

Well... I hope I have given YOU enough info to not walk into this blindly. ASK lots of questions!! If this sounds like something for you then jump on it!!!

It's not for me-

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to Sikma Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #784656

I have an interview on Friday.I will ask at least three questions.

I can smell *** a mile away. But maybe I'll ask questions about their ideal candidate. What qualities should they possess? What experience is needed?

Is it base vs. commission? Inside sales? Outside?

Are leads provided?How are leads provided and how should they be followed up on?


My personal AIL story from Overland Park, KS: I posted my resume on and within a couple days, I got a call from AIL.I have absolutely NO insurance or sales experience.

So I was pretty excited. The lady on the phone immediately told me that I could make $50-60 thousand a year and all kinds of other perks to the job. When I got to the interview, I had to go up in the elevator to floor where a lady was waiting and lead me into another room. Mind you, there were NO signs or anything, indicating that AIL had an office there.

There was at least 15 other people waiting to be interviewed in a small lobby area. Everything literally looked as if it could be picked up and moved within 5 minutes. I also thought it was pretty odd, there were NO other employees besides the hiring team in the building. Then one by one they brought of us into a small office with nothing in it but a desk n some chairs.

I was asked "So tell me about yourself" and after I was done, I was lead to a meeting room where about 10 other interviewees sat. They played us this exciting video about how much money we could make and others success stories. Then we got a power point and was told to take notes on how their pay system worked. How you will make $60 thousand your first year and how after 10 years you can retire and get your full salary until you die.

And so much more on how much money you could make. I was surprised they disclosed their managers salaries though....

I didn't need to have a college degree and I would be making bank! They did explain you would be working 6 days a week. And would have to pay for your license and need your own lab top. I thought that the was fine, considering how much money you make!

They barley explained anything about their actual company though. Just how great they did in business. After the hour and half of explaining how this job could basically make you "rich", They told us every one would get a call tonight between 6-8 letting us know whether or not they want another interview. They insisted we could not miss that call!

Then they one by one brought us back into the office and asked if we would like to be considered for the job. Still at that point I was extremely excited. Im a single mom and really need a good paying job. I said of course!

So leaving the "interview" I was on cloud nine thinking this could be a great experience. While walking back to my car in the parking lot I came across a man I had just sat threw all that with and all he said to me while laughing was "Did you turn it down too?". I didn't reply and just kept walking thinking why would he turn down such a great offer?! But then on the drive home, I really started thinking...about how when I looked up there company the web site barley has anything about their company but has a WHOLE section dedicated to convincing people they would love to work for them and what to wear and how to act during the interview process.

Never in my life have I seen anything like gut feeling wasn't right. And usually what's too good to be true, usually is. After telling a friend about my interview they immediately told me it sounded like a scam. I decided to look it up.

All I typed in to the search bar was "AIL hiring" and it popped up SCAM! There's soo many stories on here about it. Made me sick to my stomach. I fell for it.

Ironically as I was going through all these SCAM stories..AIL calls me at exactly 6:04...4 minutes after the two hour times mark they gave me and asks me to come back for another interview.

I just laughed and said no thank you.

It might not actually be a real scam...but any company that has to persuade people to work for them and hiring in groups of 20 more, obviously doesn't keep a strong employee success rate.

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AIL is a subsidiary of Torchmark.Torchmark was rated one of the worst insurance companies in the United States.

Overpriced policies sold to uneducated, working stiffs.Some of Torchmarks other subsidiaries have settled multi million dollar racial discrimination lawsuits for deliberatly over charging minorities.


I was with the London, Ontario branch down on Southdale Road.

Within a few minutes of the start of the interview, the State General Agent (SGA) bragged about his Audi R8, how much he made and how much him and the other three "managers" made, and what kind of cars they drive.

During the interviews, you are told you'll be your own boss, you'll be able to work whenever you want, and you have potential to be promoted. The SGA also sells you on the idea that you are one of a few to be brought in and that you will get many leads and won't have to approach your family.

After I got in, the whole story changed immediately. You are a slave to the "managers," you're working seven days a week, the majority of the leads are the ones you get through your childsafe box (huge ***!!!!), and then they started to preach about the benefits of bringing onboard our families.... all the while saying they brought on their families, though my manager explicity stated he didn't in private to me a few days earlier.

They just depend on volume and will always have an ad on Kijiji looking for "manager trainees." The only people making money are the four managers. I think i witnessed one sale for a $30 a month premium done by one of the three agents i was with for two weeks.

There is a reason you can't find any personal information besides the SGA's online... they don't want their name attached to the *** they know they are pushing.

The one manager...

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to Jake Withers London, Ontario, Canada #684417

Big scam.

Products are ***.

Recruiters are liars.

AIL will not last.

It's all smoke-n-mirrors.

I work at the London, ON branch on Southdale Road.


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