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I have worked for AIL for over 4 years.The general policy of this company is to recruit sales agents to push the over priced, small amounts of insurance to the non-educated,working class,single parent home, rural, urban families.

My boss used to refer to certain clients as ghetto, and white trash that didnt know anything about life insurance, so they will buy anything, "its all about the presentation". The office that I work for will lie to clients to get banking information so the agency can get paid. We have and will tell clients that we will not draft their accts. until they call back, but once the client signs the bank auth.form we do send it in to home office to be drafted the for the date it was signed from the client,even tho we did verbally assure the client that we will not draft.

The office that I work for will pay intial payments and also pay for the clients policy to be reinstated(put back on the books)in order for the agency to be paid. Basically AIL targets low income families and union workers with the promise of free child safe kits, or no cost benefits thru the unions, and in actuality we are there to sell over priced insurance. Also we buy resumes from careerbuilder and monster jobs in order to call job applicants. The applicants are promised free training, free leads and resources.

Once they have paid for class $120, paid and passed the state exam $150+, we then charge WEEKLY $120+ for the free leads and appointments set. Overall a rip off.

And the overall understanding of all agencys is that is we can get 1 recruit to sell our insurance to 2-5 people we have made a profit.After that they can quit..So good luck to anyone involved with AIL.

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No.1) A "sales" position is a "customer service" position."Customer service" is exactly what it refers to, servicing customers/potential customers.

From someone who has been in "customer service" for almost 30 years. A "CSR" is a "Customer Service Representative". Also as a former "CSR", I will tell you that as a "CSR" you ARE in sales because you are required to up-sell your customers for the new and better opportunities that the company offers. So IF you have been in "customer service" for however many years you say you have, you have been in sales.

If you knew what a "CSR" was to begin with, you would know that it includes sells.

I know some people from Weslaco, TX.Is there something in the water?


I have been focussing on being a more positive person lately.I do work WITH (I will never say "for") AIL and their products.

This is not a job, but it doesn't really feel like a career either. It's this weird, cult-like place where you have to memorize scripts (you could be an actor/actress by the time you accomplish this), and you start with a commision-based pay scale that pays differently for different products. I think the company is like any other business--some are successful, some aren't. As far as working with AIL, yes, as with any workplace, you just might have a sweat-shop type boss (I certainly do).

As for recruiting, I would pick someone who I think could handle the pressure, let them know what is really going on, and let them decide (of course I only know one person who would be up for this challenge, but she's getting licensed to do something else). Now, I'm not going to say that if you don't succeed you didn't try hard enough. It really takes people skills, lot's of energy, and common sense. Some people can sell the products scripted, and some folks can't.

I happen to be one that can. However, I don't drink their koolaide either. Child safe boxes, leads, referrals, blah-blah-blah. We know what that's about.

I just sit back and watch which horse wins, which horse loses, and which horse will die on the track. Once you learn the official stuff, and then you start seeing the real life stuff, you have to decide: Are you...

I tell you no lie--and I am still there.:( 8) 8)

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I worked for AIL for a couple of months and regret every second of it.I felt like such a fool when I finally realized I had been scammed.

My "friend" was a recruiter for the company and convinced me to interview. Of course I was hired, because as I later learned, nearly everyone is hired. I paid an administrative fee when hired, the insurance license test fee and the licensing fee. I understand paying the test and license fee, but paying the "administrative fee" seems a little odd for a so-called legitimate company.

My recruiter "friend" told me that she and her direct supervisor each receive part of my admin fee as their hiring bonus. During my training, I received no pay and incurred more cost in professional attire and office supplies including specific pens we were required to use. Of course, I didn't mind purchasing certain items as I thought I was investing in my career. In all, I spent nearly $1000.

I passed the licensing test on the first try, finished the classroom training and began my "shadow training" where I followed someone around to learn what to do. I arrived for the staff meeting at 2 pm and was told I was working into the evening. I specifically asked my "friend" if we would get a dinner break, as I have low blood sugar and can't skip meals. She said that we definitely would.

I spent the evening cold calling people and making appointments for another sales agent. When I stopped to ask my trainer a question about the...

I finally asked my supervisor and he became very agitated. He told me I could have a 15 minute break to go get some dinner. The only food nearby was a creepy cafeteria accessible through a dark parking lot and loading dock. I basically had to run in heels through this dark gravel parking lot, inhale suspicious sushi (the only thing still open) and get back to making phone calls.

By the way, some of the people we called, were dead. That's how recent these leads were. There was one bathroom with one key for all of us and when someone left the key inside the bathroom, the only manager who had a key to the bathroom refused to let anyone use it. So we had to "hold it" for the rest of the night.

This place is like a sweat shop. We were not treated with respect by any definition of the word. In fact, when I returned to work the next day, I returned all of the training materials and met with my manager to explain why I was quitting. He refused to even look at me while I spoke.

He was almost laughing at me. What an unprofessional attitude! Needless to say, I did not make a dime at this "job" and actually lost money. I don't know if all AIL branches are like this one, but this one is horrible.

It's in Honolulu. Beware. Also, the yellow Child Safe boxes that they make their employees place in businesses are a total scam. They arrange to meet with you to give you a Child Safe Kit, which is a pamphlet that you fill out and keep in a drawer just in case your child is ever abducted.

It is nearly useless and not worth the trouble it will cause.They use the information on the card to harass you for the rest of your life (and possibly after you have passed, as I witnessed) and solicit you to buy life insurance.

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Just went to interview and it is a hokes!!! Unless you want to pay for leads and sell life insurance then its for you!!!



Did it say "customer Service" or CSR??? Just wondering, the two are different. ;)


Funny I should run across this.I just received a call from them claiming to have pulled my resume from Hot Jobs and wanted to ask me a few questions and have me come in for an interview.

1st off, I am an ICU RN and have been for 11 years with the SAME hospital...NEVER done sales and have nothing on my resume to suggest such.

2nd--I haven't posted a resume online in over 2 years.I don't know who these people are buying their lead lists from but they've got some things pretty screwed up!


I have worked for AIL for about 4 months now.I have read just about all that I can take from these scam sites.

AIL is a completely legitimate company and is highly rated by all of the best insurance ratings companies. I can't speak for every agency, but the one that I work for has some of the best training and leadership I have ever seen. Instead of having some grumpy coworkers like most jobs, at AIL, we are like a family and my managers and coworkers are excellent. I get to help people every day, and also get to teach working class citizens about how they can protect their families financial future.

We love being there for families and we love paying claims. I work really hard, but this career is very rewarding and my renewals are for a lifetime. I am on track to make about $60,000-$70,000 this year, and probably double that next year. Not bad for a twenty-three year old.

I was promoted to management within 2 months and now I can start building my own agency. At AIL, you get handsomely rewarded for your hardwork. There are always things to hold you back, but when you push through them it is very rewarding, personally and financially. If you can't do it, quit blaming the company and look in the mirror.

9 times out of 10 its bad work ethic.

Your managers WANT you to succeed.I can't say all agencies have perfect ethics, but AIL Indianapolis is an excellent place to fulfill your goals and dreams.


u work at this palce for close o 70 hours a week wih no money made in the beginning the are so team and family bonded but while i was there i saw the Agency boss at the company get one of the agents knocked up *** i was even sleeping with My MGA the company is a joke an a scam and it was the McAdams agency


Not understanding how an agent could work for the company 4 years if they were such a scam.p


When I read some of these comments, I need to speak up for AIL.I was in Real Estate for 10 years before the bottom fell out.

I decided to supplement my real estate income with Life Insurance. I got my license on my own. The studying and test took me a week and I was licensed. It was very easy.

I had some friends who introduced me to the opportunity at AIL. I was in need of income so I jumped in head first. I did great, was promoted in my first 90 days and caught up on all my bills. The training I got from my team leaders as well as Steve Surace was 2nd to none!

My problem was I was born an entrepreneur so I can only follow others and their systems and procedures for a limited amount of time before I have to step out and do things my way. I left AIL and went to another captive agency that didn't provide half the training or the quality of leads as AIL. I left them to go non-captive. I now represent over 60 different insurance companies.

And as far as whole life prices, AIL is very competitive with the best. And their AM Best rating speaks for itself. I truly enjoy running my own show now. Not having to go to meetings or be responsible for others or having to play the game someone elses way.

I get 100% of my renewals from day one where I'm at so that's also a plus. I'm doing very well where I'm at and am making much more than I was there. But the reason that I'm doing so well now is because of the lessons I learned at AIL. That this...

That the numbers always play out. The training I got there is the reason I can walk in any home knowing that if I serve the client, I will benefit from it. I'm saying this to say, don't knock it until you try it! If you can deal with the micro-managing and you're willing to work, you will become wealthy at AIL.

But it may turn out not to be for you.

But if you want a career in Life Insurance, they will train you to be a beast!You just have to go in there with an open mind willing to listen and learn and then make the decision that is best for you.

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