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Hi, Jason. We want to thank you for sharing your experience with us. We work to offer opportunities to those seeking a rewarding career. While we’re sorry you’re frustrated, we assure you countless Agents have found incredible success with our Company. Every location is independently operated, so we will pass your feedback onto our Agency Division so they can take a closer look at this.

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You are all very welcome!!Every day I get multiple E-mails telling me how I have helped you.

Sometimes it can actually get a bit overwhelming. ...But you are welcome!! Again sorry for the spelling.

I guess a bunch of people are pissed off at this site for the inability to edit their posts......That is pretty terrible.

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without* :0)

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I typed this whole thing in about ten minutes, and never stopped.I clicked submit with checking anything like a dummy, and now this *** site won't let me fix any of my miss spells!!

oh well I guess. I still get E-mails everyday thanking me.

As long as it's doing it's job I guess.:0)

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My name is Jason. Before you concider employment with this billion dollar company, I ask you read this review I have posted as it may save you MUCH of the aggrivation, time, and money, that it cost me. I did not take the time to type this up because I have way too much time on my hands, I simply typed it because I want others to learn from my "and others" crucial mistakes. I was first hired with A.I.L in "N. Royalton Ohio," about the end of July 2008. I was promised riches as long as I was a go-getter, and was willing to work long hours. I was in construction for most of my life, and concidered myself very capable of both of these. Apparently, they agreed as I was hired rather quikly, "just as everyone else was with no experience in sales once so ever." I sacrificed EVERYTHING for this job. EVERYTHING in my life was put on hold so that I could give this job the attention I THOUGHT it deserved. I was told that i would be paid training, so that it would be easier for someone like myself to make the career change. The state exam for your insurance lisence is not easy, and you do have to pay for it out of pocket everytime you fail by the way. It took me only twice luckly. I spent both time...."about one month" and money "about $500" after all the application fees and whatever else to obtain my insurance lisence. Once I finally obtained my lisence, I was given a 4 page script that i had to memorize, word for word!! I did not like the fact they didn't tell me about it at first, but hey...i'm a "go-getter." So i sucked it up, and memorized it. This took me an additional 3 weeks to do "for free." Once i acheived this, i was put in a one week training class that was NOT PAID. When I mentioned the fact that I was told I was going to be paid for training, "hurting for some money by this point as you can imagine," I was told I misunderstood, as the class is paid for, not me. I am not a *** man!! I know what i was told!! In fact, if it wasn't for that one little detail about the job, I probably would not have taken it. They also told me they did not like me asking questions and pretty much told me to shut up "in there own words." So just like before, I sucked it up and kept going. If you play poker..."I was pot invested," I had no choice. This is where those "LONG HOURS" started. We would start class at 9 oclock, got out at 4. Then I was instructed to drive to wherever my manager was to sit in on presentations of the bennefits. My first "attempt" at a presentation was at 9 o'clock the same night of my first training day. I did not get home until 11 0'clock!! "FREE MIND YOU!!" 9 to 11....whats that?? 14 hours!?!? When I was dropped off back at my car, I was instructed to go home and read my script more, rather then get some rest for tomorrow morning. The next few nights were the same, not giving me anytime to study any of the material given to us "AND EXPECTED TO KNOW," in class. So about half way through the class week, I was told about all the postings from former employers and anyone who was/is affiliated with the company in any way shape or form. 95% of what I read was BAD!! And I read alot! No one had anything good to say about this company. I guess i'm not that smart of a man, other wise I would have found this on my own, way back when I was hired!! HAHA....jokes on me I guess. Anyways, the last day of training class was.....actually today October 2 2008. The class had ended at 4, and as soon as I walked out I was fired by my manager because MARCUS SMITH, the rich snobby *** who runs the joint, didn't have the balls to do it himself, even though he was standing right there. I was fired because someone overheard me talking about the sight with the same person who told me about it. We were both concerned "AS I'M SURE YOU CAN IMAGINE!" Now wouldn't you say it's disturbingly ironic they fired me with no hesitation at all once they found out I knew about the sight? They also said they didn't like the fact I wasn't willing to work 15 hours a day for training even after all i had a acheived thus far! Common sense will tell you that is no way to efficiently train someone! your research! These people are very good at what they do, and somehow scam thousands like myself. I am a very religious christian "AS THEY CLAIM TO BE," and DO NOT want this to happen to anyone else, even though I know it will. All the numbers are in black in white if you just look for um. Absolutly no one stays with this company unless their dad is an S.G.A. who pays um a rediculous amount of money out of pocket. Of course its your decision you whether or not you listen to me......I pray to to the allmighty Jesus Christ that you do. if you have any questions at all about two-faced marcus smith and this company, PLEASE, DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK!! MY E-MAIL IS JPKING11@YAHOO.COM.

God bless all of you!!

Monetary Loss: $2.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #784617

Well....I've had an interesting day as an EX-Agent for American Income Life.The STEVE JUBREY Agency here in Dallas is a REAL winner.

STEVE JUBREY has called me "White Trash"....."Old Man"..."A 57 year old embarrasment"...."Sick of Looking at me"...

"SAD SAD old man"...."Pathetic sad 57 year old little man"..."Put DUCT tape over your muffler and pretend like you did something with your sad life"....."I'm more successful than you ever dreamt of being"....WOW!!!

AIL...ACTUALLY let this guy open an Agency to represent AIL...OMG!!!

By the way.....I am a Veteran and a Senior citizen, which if you hadn't notice by Steve's slanderous and defaming remarks, I am 57 years old. I served my country so this little piece of slim could breathe the air he so graciously takes for granted.

All of this because I asked for a "personal" day off from work. Mind you...I'm an Independant Contractor.

I wish I knew of a way I could forward this to AIL Corporate and the President of AIL. Oh...btw, his parting comment to all of us Texans...."..seems to be YOU ALL are the same down here." Steve's from New York.

Please do not seek employment or have your friends and family purchase ANYTHING from these SCUMBAGS!!Feel free to call me anytime....Shane 972.697.6077


It's an insurance/sales job.They're allowed to pay us so much because its straight commission..

If you want a 9-5, go do that. But for bag on a company that puts $1,000+/week in my pocket. They reimburse my premiums for my health insurance. I write my own schedule.

My paychecks are a direct result of how hard I work.. NEVER did I get that at Costco. A very well-know, and reputable company. $11/hour to bust my as off.

I never got bonus checks weekly for preformig well at Costco.

Do you see the pattern here? We are trained as a society to be "comfortable," with $11/hr 9-5 busting our *** off. We're trained to be slaves..

Today, with the help of AIL I'm free!! My price to pay was my first couple weeks of training.

If you're doing something and don't think to yourself, "I want to quit, this is hard." Then you're not challenging yourself enough..


to Mike #782634

I understand the importance of hydration, but lay off the Koolaid .AIL has the worst contract in the industry, 50% for agents, 57.5% for a GA.

I am cotracted with dozens of carriers an my agents receive commissions between 70% and 105% with renewals 100% vested from day 1 for either 10 years or life depending on the carrier.

It is obvious that you have no industry knowledge and can only regurgitate what AIL has indoctrinated you with.AIL reporting admits that their average compensation for an agent that remains 12 months is around $45000, before expenses, car, cell, computer, internet, travel, etc.


I also worked for AIL, it is straight commission.However, if you learn the script and stay focused, You will make a ton of money, I made any where from 1k to 2k a week.

I did put a lot of hours in, and if I had to stay after 12pm because I was writing a policy, I stayed. If I can do it, so could you. This company is not a scam. I was promoted to a supervising agent within a few months.

If you really want to get your foot in the door, and learn your craft, this is the place to start. Just don't give up in the beginning, and you will see the fruits of your labor. I am a young 35yr old black female who never tried this before. I was very successful.

Please believe me.:zzz


I had the same experience with AIL, except I was in training for about 2 months, showing up at the office for training that my trainer set up, but forgot that I was coming.There were days when I drove all the way to the office as told to be told that they were doing interviews and I could go over the scripts on the next day or so.

They stressed the need for me to leave my current job so that I can spend all of my time at AIL. It wasn't until I told them that unpaid training was not taking care of home that they practically begged me to not to quit. Then they assigned me to someone that never showed up for appointments and she asked me to meet up with others that she was training to observe them. Trainees training trainees...hmmmm.

Anyway, I left after I didn't get an expected paycheck.After about 4/5 months, I had enough!


I hope anyone that gets ask to buy any type of policy calls a lawyer or ask to see a state license they took about $40,000.00 from me so far ! I was toyold I would have at least $1,000,000 in liquid cash at age 55-60 I'm a dumb *** I believed a few from the company and I never should of .... Craig Stewart nothing but a fast talking drunk but you were a funny piece of ***!


Jason.I wish I had read this earlier it would have save me a lot of grief.

they pulled the same *** on me, my story would be the same just about word for word.David

East Hanover, New Jersey, United States #759163

This sounds like companies like Bankers Life and Casualty. And remember,it's not just the company, but it is also the agencies (and managers) that are representing them. As in any industry, there will be the good, bad and the ugly!

Never take a job in the insurance insurance industry without clearly understanding the training process and how you will be paid. Also,make sure that you get and read a copy of all of the contract papers and have your attorney review them for you. Understand the lead system and ask how much you will have to pay for leads. It will save you a lot of headaches and grief in the long run.

When you find areas where you were told one thing, but your managers/agency did otherwise, immediately advise your attorney. (and) remember, attorneys are making a lot of money off of all of the confusion that is generated by these very unique, "recruiting and marketing systems".

I really think that insurance agents with integrity need to unite and form unions to address all of these issues.


Yea those 551 people can waste as much time and money as they want. let um. So you are very welcome same AIL boat.


Jason you and I had the exact same experience.Thank you so much for your report.

I have to question the validity of those 551 people who said that your report was b.s. there were many others who applied with me in P.A. who, when they questioned the commission process, were basically told to shut up and they simply walked out.

I wish I had walk out as well instead of wasting so much time, energy and money.I'm planning on holding them accountable for their agreement to compensate people during training, and I hope everyone else does so as well.


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