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Our Agents do earn commission. To learn more about careers with us, head to

American Income Life places job ads on Job Bank and perhaps other job boards, too. It falsely states income compensation, which is potential income that very aggressive sales people might be able to earn by duping new customers. The compensation is mostly commission-based but the company makes you believe it is mostly the base salary, which it is not.

The recruiter Lindsay was very rude and unwilling to answer questions about compensation structure. She was unprofessional and quickly hung up when I inquired about compensation.

AVOID responding to their ads (job ads or product ads). AVOID WORKING FOR THIS COMPANY and AVOID BUYING ITS PRODUCTS. Infact, avoid going to their interview. It is a waste of time.

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You may as well go sell Kirby vacuums before you deal with AIL....

State College, Pennsylvania, United States #792266

I was called by several people at AIL several times.All of them read the same script.

I went to observe the presentation knowing what to expect as I have been drawn into these recruiting events when I was just starting my career.

I was surprised that a young woman, showing her tattoos and dressed inappropriately in a sleeveless party dress, was the first interview contact, when we were experiencing single digit temps.

Then I realized I am in a college town and the recruiters were probably trying to attract *** college boys. Good luck.

The office was obvious a temporary set-up, cheesy video and overblown numbers. Lots of cheap awards framed and mounted for the same person for every week they made sales. Also they claimed to be from Pittsburgh, PA but the phone number was a Wilkes Barre phone number.

Conservative professionals do not present themselves in this manner.It may be a good lesson to practice for young people starting out but not for serious professionals.

Blue Bell, Pennsylvania, United States #784638

I worked for this company as a "recruiter" we had to follow a script and basically lie to everyone that we cold called after a while I couldn't lie to these soldiers n moms who needed a really job to support their family.We told y'all it's not a commission based position first lie.

then when asked how much was the pay we were told to ask how much did u want to make. Some would say 65k n we should say oh that's well in the range we are willing to pay second lie.We needed to convince u to come in for an interview so we could get a bonus n if u took the job we got another bonus. Oh n don't think recruiters get out of this place Scott free we needed get people in without giving any answers to their questions. Work with disrespectful people.

On top of all this recruiters have to pay their own taxes we got paid hourly not to bad until u do taxes. I lost money because the form they send out for taxes says I owned my own business. now that puts me in a different tax bracket which means I have to pay extra.

Bottom line if u really need a job don't work here.If u have time to pay to work here n put in long unrewarding hours be my guest.


All of you closed minded individuals out there have to realize that there is a negative stigma about the insurance industry.This stigma makes people automatically not want anything to do with insurance jobs so why wouldn't recruiters tell you its more of a "customer service job"?

In realty it is. I work for AIL and I don't sell a thing. I go to union members houses as well as other families houses and service them. They tell me yes or no once I go over the benefits that were set up for them based on their needs.

There is no trickery or manipulation what so ever. All the people saying these things obviously did not follow the guidelines put in place to make them successful. If you do what you're told and work the long hours and actually put in the effort you will be successful. How are some of the people that have been working here only 5 years making between $200k and a million a year?

Oh wait, obviously they are just scamming everyone for their own benefit. Anyone thinking that is a lazy low life if you ask me. That's the problem with the majority of the younger generation, they don't know what hard work is and have never worked a day in their lives. That's fine though I will stick it out here and make a ton of money and be successful while you sit at home on the couch and work your minimum wage jobs and get nowhere in life.

That's more success for the people like myself who actually put in the time and work hard for the money. Before...

Oh and for the financial advisers out there that don't know a thing about life insurance, maybe you should realize it's not an investment it's a death benefit to help that persons family when they die. Buying life insurance is not about making a bunch of money it's about leaving something behind for your family during that hard time. I mean I'm gonna make $20k off of my whole life policy by the time I get to 65 but that's because I got it at the right age and also from AIL. I hope that clears things up for some of the closed minded people out there that are scared to get into a risky business like this.

You have to be a risk taker to be successful in a commissioned based company like American Income Life.

Please feel free to rebuttal me anytime and I will further clear thins up for you.

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I just got a call today.When I asked was it an insurance company I was told no.

This office is located in Blue Bell, PA.

I really need a job, but not selling insurance.I need income, but not American Income.

to Anonymous #780412

Same- Blue Bell office wanted me to come in ASAP. Assuming it would be a mass "interview" with multiple candidates so that they could do a presentation and create an environment where you want to accept a "position". Not going to waste my time


just got a call for an interview with AIL. I asked what position i would be applying for, she said it would depend after my initial interview. I took that as a sign of a scam, and told her i can't commit to an interview if i don't know what I'm interviewing for.


@all with interviews..we were told to hire any and all no matter what background, sell them the 'business owner dream'...sad

@Bob--you should really read all of what I wrote

@Katelyn--as a single mother, congrats, the eve's and weekends must be extremely difficult. Go ask your mga for your AP&P report, look at your retention, they have trained you to 'expect' 1 out of 3 to cancel and your retention is probably low if your selling that much. What the co. will not tell anyone (a friend in Waco at LDS told me) that 13 month retention is around (co. ave) 40% and policies greater than 2yrs less than 25%. bye bye renewals. The reason as I've stated below is you are selling ***. If your friends and family ever took their policy to anyone who has any financial experience or a better ins. co....they would be very, very upset at you. Sorry to break the bad news but do your own research, read what I've said, do the math, and use common sense. I to didn't know what I was selling until I sat down with a guy from another ins co. and he ran whole life illustrations (a concept no one at AIL even knows, ever wonder why??) I was horrified that I was selling this to people...and quit.

I worked for AIL for 5 1/2 years, went thru all their mgmt ranks, sold many, many policies. For you agents and policy owners, research what you are really selling or bought. The SGA's, RGAs, MGAs wont tell you what it really is, and the agents(they don't know)they call it a freedom of...

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This company is a fair company. I will be happy to do Business with them. I am afraid those who report about this company are spammers.


"Work at home", a need to very heavily recruit, and then immediately charging the new hire for "school" or fees or whatever else....

Anyone with a clue will know that those characteristics are the trademark signs of a ripoff for the "employee." Who knows how many of the people defending the company here are brainwashed 21 year olds and how many work for AIL, but it's nauseating to read.


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