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We’re sorry that you experience was less than you anticipated. The no cost benefits made available to potential customers have a value and while the agent is in the home they will present other supplemental insurance products available. The customer has no obligation to purchase coverage. The independent contractor is free to choose their own schedule and the number of appointments recommended by the local office is a guideline that can be used to help them succeed. The State General Agent’s office has strongly denied that they asked you to continue with your appointments after being yelled at and threatened as that would not be their normal practice.

I too believe this company not only scams their employees into answering their recruiting calls and emails. They don't even tell their new recruits what they are selling until 3 - 4 weeks of unpaid training.

They also use dishonest methods to set appointments with their potential victims / promising free nonsense gifts as a way to get in the door of their homes. Half of my prospective clients accepted the free gifts and kindly escorted me out the door. The other half refused to answer the door for obvious reasons. All at my personal expense - 3 months of gas and unpaid mileage, not to mention all of the (free) Donets and other treats were forced to bring to these appointments.

Biggest waist of time and money of my 35 year previous successful sales career.

Please avoid these scam artist with your life. They prey on the week - peor desperately searching for a real opportunity.

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