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Alhambra, Illinois

I posted my resume on monster. Im in construction management.

received a call within less than 24hrs from American Income. Saying that they wanted to set up an interview

at ten a.m. the next day. I ask what position was the interview for and they replied they had a project manargers position reply was ok.Untill I arived home to investigate American Income and i'm glad I did.

Im postiing this the same day they called. I will not call and cancel the interview nor will I show up for it

I don't think they wanted me to build them a new office.

what A tool the internet is thanks for the heads up. I do believe this is deception

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Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States #628658

LIke my situation! Not a real offer in my line of work but seeking grist for the mill.


Fiindng this post. It's just a big piece of luck for me.


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Nickopolis, you're ***, AIL obviously didnt contact him by looking at his resume. I would have done the same.

Less than 5% actually makes it. They lie. Most offices gives you no bonus, no benefits, and most importantly, THE CUSTOMER DO NOT KNOW YOU ARE GOING TO THEIR HOUSE TO SELL INSURANCE!!!!

You are setting an appointment to deliver a health discount card to the union members. Seriously, they're terrible people.


So you didn't call, and didn't show up? No wonder you are looking for a job

to nickapopolis Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States #628660

No he disrespected those who lied to him.Instant karma.


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