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When your rep. called they said they was inquiring about our american legion life insurance, and wanted to discuss this with us.

When they showed up they were not from the legion. HOW DID YOU GET MY AMERICAN LEGION personal information. And when I told them i was not interested they still tried to pressure me. They came at 9pm, and did not leave until after 11pm.

Your rep Alex Spooner phone number 440-590-6069, needs to tell people the truth when they call.

And again where DID YOU GET MY AMERICAN LEGION INFO. leave peoples lifes alone, and dont lie.

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Additional note: the AD&D policy the below poster Michaelm mentioned is your Union's Master Policy, however AIL takes it and puts their info. on top as if THEY are the one's who would pay it out, but its actually provided by and paid out by a different insurance company, such as Hartford.

The beneficiaries you have listed at your local Union Chapter for the group insurance would receive the benefit of this AD&D policy if you died in an accident without ever seeing an AIL Agent. Another hidden layer AIL doesn't want exposed.


What AIL agents won't tell you is they really don't work "for a Union". It has no active office or steward / representative and provides zero assistance should an agent have a complaint.

The Union dues they force agents to pay is nothing but a "kickback" to the few Union's remaining that allow AIL to send out these cards to their members, whereas majority have dropped AIL because of the number of complaints they received from members in regard to their seedy tactics of obtaining names through their sales pitch so they can sell it to non-union members under the guise of providing them a free "child safety kit" or "heath benefits card". This is where the leads come from, so technically agents do pay for them under the guise of union

This company has so many hidden layers to it, yet they NEVER tell agents, union members, or the public until they learn it from a third party who exposes them like this and many other sites now do. This company shouldn't be in business, but then again the States enrich themselves off the revolving licensees so they have skin in this pyramid game as well....its disgusting.

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While I can't speak on behalf of AIL, I've been with the company about nine years and can tell you it's easy to get confused. Here is why. It depends on your area, but American Legion is a group AIL works with. Each group is different, but every member recieves $1,000+ AD&D certificate of coverage. This is part of a larger group AD&D policy and the certificate is simply your proof of coverage.

Usually you would receive a letter from your group and have to fill out a card and send it in. Did they show you a card you had filled out? Did they present the letter from the legion stating the benefits are being provided from you through American Income Life? Contact the home office on Monday 1 800 433 3405 and they will be able to send you a copy of anything on file as well as remove you from any of the systems.

Also while it is probably pointless to mention, but I am not sure we should be posting peoples information like phone numbers.


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