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Timberlake, Virginia

I questioned the integrity of the AIL office that hired me and they fired me for it. the girl who was my manager and trainer told several clients to lie to home office when they called because she could lose her job/license for doing what she was doing.

She had people forge signatures. Didn't list all their prescriptions and purposely answered health questions wrong for the client. She even convinced a mother to fake a mouth swab for her daughter who wasn't home.

I asked the district manager about it and he basically told me I don't want to know what goes on in the field with you guys. I didn't hear from my manager for 3 days and then she called me and fired me.

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Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #600357

During one of the sales that I witnessed, the FT agent I was with had the wife do a mouthswap for the husband so that they would get the "nonsmoker" rates as a favor. The FT agent also did a lot of "Well, if 2 of your friends sign up for any of our products, I will make sure to send you a 50$ gas card. So it's important that you talk to them and make sure that they know I will be calling." Yeah, isn't that part of the whole rebating thing and like...could get your license suspended or revoked?

to Ugh #666318

I believe the rules can vary state by state regarding gifting to customers. I think there is a cap on monetary value and the gift can never be actual cash.

I know when I worked for an annuities & securities firm (regulated by the insurance department) we took clients and potential clients out to dinner fairly often. We ran referral contests and gave away polo shirts, caps etc.

However falsifying medical test results (the swabs) is definitely a no-no.

I would report it the insurance department.


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