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I put my resume out on the internet and I received a call from American Income Life (AIL) stating that I fit there qualifications to come in for an interview.

The interview was set and when I arrived there were at least 15 other people that I assumed met the qualifications also. WE went in to a meeting and were told that the job was selling insurance to union members with no cold calling involved. Only 5 people from this group would make the final cut, we would receive a phone call later that day if we were selected.Unfortunately I received a call back. I was told a second meeting was scheduled to see if I was what they were looking for,this meeting would be one one one.

I was selected and another appointment was scheduled for me to sign up. it cost me $350.00 which I was told I would be paid back plus $150,00 after I earned my insurance license and memorized a 7 page script verbatim.

Needless to say, the Leeds are mostly generated by obtaining referrals from the poor saps you do manage to catch at home.The benefits you present to the client are Final Expense(burial),Income Protection,Mortgage Protection and Children's Education. Most of the time the only way the client can qualify for all the benefits is to have some of the benefits put on a AD/D policy which only pays if the client dies by accident. I brought up telling the the client this to my manager but he said it was explained in the video.Most clients don't have a clue about what the videos are explaining, the points that work in AIL'S favor are gone over sometimes 3 or 4 times. What a scam for both prospective employees and clients.

The place is a virtual hiring machine. Everyday I went into the office,daily for a month, there would be new suckers in line to sign up.

I don't know if what AIL is doing is against the law but it is defiantly not ethical by my standards and I view myself as a pretty liberal person.

In closing I hope this will be able to help some one out there and I guess now I know why most people view Insurance Sales People just above Lawyers. I'm going to have to reevaluate # 1 and # 2 of those two groups.

P.S After dedicating myself to pass the insurance test in a week and learning after a month I was called to a meeting with my manager/trainer and his boss and was told that they now felt this job was not for me. Thank God I didn't waste any more time than 12 hour days, 7 days a week, for a month. A lesson well learned.

Monetary Loss: $350.

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Livonia, Michigan, United States #697192

ok i call b s on miami and charlotte!!! why dont both of u just admit u couldnt *** in the world of sales?

cause thats what it really is!!! been with this company for 12 years and i am not even in management!!! just like any other sales job u work at, if u dont make sales they arent going to keep u buddy. as for u charlotte...sub standard insurance company??

they r an a+ rated company!! show me the substandard company please... just cause u cant *** either its not the company's fault..

u dont sell they get rid of u. just like any other sales job

to macker1972 #751695

You sir are a *** and if you're the typical representative of those who work at AIL, then its no wonder far more leave than stay! Companies like AIL are predators who burn and churn those who are at their most vulnerable economically just so the few at the top can enrich themselves. If you have succeeded GREAT, but to constantly degrade people who have been bamboozled by AIL's pie in the sky dreams because they simply don't have the experience or skills to engage in such a demanding field of hard sales, doesn't make you a better person, just a meaner one.

AIL doesn't train on "insurance products", it uses a ruse such as "no cost benefits" to hook unsuspecting suckers in before selling overpriced short-term *** and AD&D that has less than a 1% chance of paying out.

Companies no longer have any integrity, have lost all ethics and morals when dealing with the public and people in general. Knock it off with A+ rated company, AIG, Enron and Tyco were once rated A+ rated too, geesh.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #678984

Thank you for your review, I fell into the same trap but thank God I saw through this lie within my first week of work online after my manage called at 9 pm at night harassing me. I intend to follow up with the insurance commissioner of my state and bring this sub standard insurance company to their knees so that decent people out there are not lied too any more.


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