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Visit if you'd like us to look further into this. Thank you.

We were at a county run event in a county park in NJ, and a man came around asking if people wanted "free child safe kits." The man never said he was from a life insurance company, and my husband stupidly signed up. When he told me I was immediately uncomfortable, he had already filled out the form with our son's information and our address - ***.

So the guy calls up to deliver our "child safe kit" and my husband tries to dodge the calls, but they are relentless. They have been calling us for 6 months straight, not taking "NO" for an answer. Again, they never once told us they were going to try to sell us life insurance. They called again tonight, so my husband made an appointment.

I told him I did NOT want some strangers coming to our house, we have no idea of who these people are, and calling for 6 months straight trying to get into our home really gave me the creeps. I felt something was off, I spoke with my mother and also with a local detective who is a friend of mine, and they both agreed with me, something was wrong. I then demanded that my husband give me their number so I could call them back to cancel the appointment, and it was only then when my call was sent to the switchboard that I found out it was a life insurance agency.

I know that if they show up they will give us a high pressure sales pitch, and it is very underhanded and dishonest to use this "free child safe kit" to corner customers into buying policies, especially when our local PD gives the same thing for free with no sales pitch attached. I know part of the blame lies with my husband, but this company's lie by omission, pushy phone calls, 6 months of harassment, and unethical use of parents concern for their children to make a sale is just dishonest and appalling.

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Queens, New York, United States #728193
I was approached by a man in NY as well for a child safe kit the man had told me to put my name and contact info on the form and he would contact me to deliver the kits personally and go over child safety information. Well two days later the man had called i set the appointment to allow him in my home.

He explained to me and my wife what his company does and that they provide life insurance to labor unions and provide there families with safety kits as well. So my eye brow was raised when he said life insurance. well shortly after he explained how the kits work and information on registered sex offendders in ny... my god there is soooo many of them.

after my stomach turned upside down when he pointed out to me there was a rapist living around the corner from me and my 6 year old daughter could be prone to them i went mad. :(.. Its sick!! knowing how many of these dirt bags are on the street and so close to our home and her elementary school.

well after showing me statistics on and viewing i was conviced he ment buisness. He told me he doesnt work for free the only catch is that i need to help them extend these safety kits and information out to the community.. so i gave him my neighbors and family to see..i can only imagine how many of these perverts live next to my family and friend disgusting !!!! Then after giving names and numbers he gave me more stuff for free for being so helpful.

and then he explained to me that he is going to give me a free needs analysis of insurance if i like the programs i can apply.. dumb founded i realized i shouldve had life insurance years ago when we had my daughter.. well im glad they helped me with my needs.

honestly it always slipped my mind to get life insurance. Well im glad i finally got it outve the way..
Grand Rapids, Michigan, United States #694510

I worked for AIL for awhile and I liked what I did. People are not going to just call and say "I want some Life Insurance".

Most of the people I sat down and talked to were very happy that I talked to them about Insurance. I answered questions they had, and if I didnt make a sale I was still grateful that I was doing some good and giving the people information that they did not know about. I am currently in the life insurance business but now working at StateFarm. I love what I do and think everyone should at least know what life insurance does and how it works.

The dishonst people who lie about it to make money are the ones who disgust me the most. I make sure that the business I do with my clients have always been honest

South Easton, Massachusetts, United States #672152

that is the problem with America, did you know most people don't have life insurance or don't even know what they have? if you say the word life insurance people hang up the phone.

Child safety kit is really important and for your information is endorsed by the int.

police union, American federation of teachers. you don't have to by a policy if you don't want to nobody force you to get it, and in the long run when your family receives the benefit they will be glad they are not stuck with debts since you are not here.

to joe #735511

So raise awareness honestly instead of using sketchy dishonest tactics that put you in "Grey market business" territory on my book. I have a friend who thought he'd become a millionaire selling life insurance. Guess what, nothing worth doing comes easy and if you have to use heartstrings tugging "protect your child" tactics just to get in the door without honestly representing your business, you are not legit.

Knoxville, Tennessee, United States #667105

We just had a person come to our agency and try to get us to put these kit ads in our Headstart programs and other parts of our agency. Never once did he tell us that insurance was involved and never once did he mention that the Child Safe Kits would be delivered to people by insurance agents.

He even led us to believe that he was representing programs of the police Department with this quote, " We have stepped in to fill the gap where Police and Fire Departments no longer offer these free kits due to budget cuts. we work in conjunction with them". This type of double talk is not ethical, regardless of how good a product you offer. If your product is so good, why not be upfront about it to begin with?

The local police even told us this was a scam, and that any reputable company would tell you up front it was insurance.

Denver, Colorado, United States #666314

I Dealt with this several months ago and invited them over. While it took longer than I expected, I Learned a lot.

I have my children enrolled in the program. If I had a better paying job, i'd gladly have myself on their policy.

I've had life insurance on myself previously, and never did anyone explain the reasons why I need it, nor how my family members would use it.

Props to American Income Life, but you may want to tell your people not to tell us over the phone that it only takes 20 minutes. It took 45 at least.

Littleton, Colorado, United States #661072

I just had a 'sales visit' by AIL under the guise of the Child Safety Kit. I just don't understand the high pressure tactics.

My BS detector went off almost immediately as they played a video for me on a laptop. Very sappy and implementation of a lot of scare tactics to sell me life insurance for my kids. I thought it did sound like a good idea, but I do not sign anything after a presentation. Nothing.

The guy guy really bothered by that, quasi-slamming his laptop, and really got aggressive with me demanding to know why. Super high pressure. I can barely put into words how uncomfortable he was making me and how high my BP was getting. I could feel it ticking up and up.

Crazy. He defended his method of signing now but I still don't understand why it is necessary. The whole sales plan doesn't make sense. Why would the sales pitch be the only time I can buy the policy?

Wouldn't they still make money if I called them back and said yes?

Wouldn't I be more apt to buy a policy if I didn't feel threatened in my own home? Insanity.

to JJB #746019

High pressure sales are frowned upon at my company AIL but to protect the families that we sit down with we ask you to make a decision to protect your family today and heres why. You weren't thinking about it yesterday and you surely won't think about it tomorrow its out of sight out of mind we're protecting you from putting it off even longer.

Newark, New Jersey, United States #599259

As a recent addition to the AIL family, I am excited about what we are doing. Now, in all fairness we provide no cost and low cost benefits to members of unions, credit unions and organizations, this kit is just one of those benefits.

Unlike other insurance companies, we do not prospect for customers in mall kiosks, & trade shows, we do not call folks out of the phone book, we do not solicit door to door and we certainly do not solicit strangers in county parks. That individual took that ridiculous approach on his own and would certainly have been reprimanded if his supervisors learned of this. Our members can sponsor their friends and neighbors for these benefits and they are always asked to let the people they sponsor know that this specific person (by name) will be calling them to schedule an appointment. We absolutely do not condone the approach that individual took, we discourage anybody from giving out personal information to strangers.

Our agent are thoroughly vetted through the state insurance commisioner and are licensed professionals. To say we engage in high pressure sales tactics when you did not even see a presentation is the most dishonest statement, nothing could be further from the truth. There is nothing dishonest or underhanded by what we do nor do we ever lie to anyone in any fashion. I only joined AIL because of their honesty and forthrightness.

People, never ever give your personal information to strangers for any reason!!

I'm quite certain the agent mentioned in this post is in another line of work now. I hope this helped clear things up a little.

to Big P Aurora, Colorado, United States #660657

First, the name is American Income Life. Our kits are sponsored by The International Union of Police, The American Federation of Teachers and The American Federation of School Administrators.

If properly filled out, The Child Safe Kit works in conjunction with the Amber Alert and said alert can be issued in as little as 20min. The kit can literally save a child's life. In able to ensure the child's safety, we deliver these kits to the family. We make sure these kits are thoroughly explained and properly filled out.

The children are then fingerprinted. This is all provided at no cost to the parents and all private information stays with the parents. We do not take any of the child's information with us.

We then show the parents a HeadStart program, which is optional and is essentially like the Gerber program, but offers a Guaranteed Insurability Option and up to $25,000 in Whole Life coverage.

The programs offered are the same programs offered to the Police and Firemen of your community. I would feel a blessed if I were a parent and somebody offered me a way to protect my most cherished gifts of life, my children, with the very same programs offered to Law Enforcement. We do not advertise, so if it weren't for the Child Safe Program millions of parents who have been fortunate to take advantage of our additional programs would not have heard 0f American Income Life otherwise. My best the card you are filling out.

It clearly describes in detail who we are and what we do. We provide benefits to Unions, Association and Credit Unions and have done so for over 50 years. We have over $40,000,000,000 of policies in force. We are rated a Gold Star with the BBB and we have an A.M.

Best a++ insurance rating.

We are one of the most trusted Insurance Companies out there. Welcome to opportunity unlimited.


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