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Thanks for the feedback, Jasondeane. Our Representatives strive to help protect families.

I went through the licensing process, received product knowledge and field training, then I got my 'lead pack,' 70 pages worth. Some were 3 years old, others were 2 years old, the most recent one was 7 months old.

20 had bad phone #'s, 15 or so were Spanish speakers, the other 35 were viable except who remembers returning a card from the summer of 2010 in the summer of 2012? It's almost cold-calling, a good AIL rep has telemarketing skill, a thick skin to put up with verbal abuse by annoyed people receiving your 'I'm in the area on (day of the week) to drop off the no cost benefit packages to you and other union members, is 5PM a good time to meet with you and your spouse?' script.

The idea is to get inside, do a presentation, sell them life insurance, get them to reveal phone #'s of friends and co-workers or families with children (child safe kits you see) these (referrals) are the bread-and-butter. You cold-call them or induce your 'clients' to call ahead and try to do the same 'drop off your no cost benefit package' script to sell them life insurance, get 'referrals' and so on.

Good luck.

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Never heard of it, but so long as it's a legitimate coamnpy, you are making the smart choice by going with Term rather than Whole .Whole Life is a complete scam perpetrated by salespeople to make THEM more money! Think about it and do the math: if you buy term for 30 years, and invest the difference between the term premium & the whole life premium in a REALLY average mutual fund, you'll come out WAY ahead Life insurance is to look after your family if something happens to you, it's not an investment . LOL!Congratulations on being smarter than you thought you were!


Return Of Premium is a bad deal. Ask for a rate comparison of the pcudort without ROP versus with ROP.

Then, take the difference and invest it yourself instead of with the company. ROP is a fancy gimmick to make life insurance seem like a good deal. If your agent is PUSHING this idea, find a new agent fast!At age 28, your odds of dying within the next 30 years is very slim. Therefore, every premium dollar you give the company is pure profit.

Your ROP premium is added profit.Life insurance is only necessary to protect your spouse or children should you die prematurely. Your children do not need insurance protection once they graduate from college, unless they are disabled.

30 years is too long. Think about getting a 10 to 20-year policy.


The appointment setting that you were taught is not approved by many State Insurance Commissioners as it does not disclose the true purpose of the appointment is for a sales presentation. I am sure that many Insurance Commissioners are looking at this breach.

As to the leads, the are constantly recycled, refreshed and resold to SGAs.

Many leads have been seen several times. Some leads have been seen, sold, and cancelled several times.


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