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Hi, jdnoftz55. Please give 254-761-6400 a call so our Customer Service team can take a look into this and assist you.

We have gotten 4 calls in two days wanting to come over to our house and we don't need them to come over because we do not need anything changed. If they come we will have the police waiting for them.

Each time they call it is a different person and they say my policy just came across their desk. And that to me is harassment. And I am tired of it. This goes on every year.

My bill is paid on time every six months. And we do not need any phone calls because we don't want to change anything.

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Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #690644

I work for AIL and the reason they call is because when you signed up for the policy your are entitled to the health services discount card which is at no cost to you but it needs to be renewed every year and there are forms they need to deliver so you can get the new card. When that happens, we do try to go over your coverage with you to make sure that your taking full advantage of the benefits you are entitled to.

Sometimes when agents sign you up for a policy, they miss things or don't go over certain things with you that they should have. I've seen it a million times where the consumer said that they had a terminal illness rider on their policy and when I looked on it, it wasn't there. That's why we try to contact you at least once a year to avoid that happening.

It's not to be annoying or rude. It's to make sure you're getting what you want.

to K23 #690866

Your comments show that you drank all the AIL koolaid. The terminal illness rider is on every AIL policy and does not need to be added as it was a general policy change approved by the Insurance Commissioners Office. This is one of the many deceitful methods that is used in training AIL agents to set and justify appointments, for instance the health services discount card is renewable by mail or online, no agent is required. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners states that when setting appointments the true scope and nature for the appointment must be disclosed including disclosing that a insurance sales presentation is intended.

Even though you have only been with AIL for 60 days, you know that proper disclosure is not made by AIL agents. For your information, the ADD coverage is effective for the group members whether the certificate is delivered or not. Most of the training you receive is wrong, most other insurance providers have ethics policies to prevent this behavior. Trainers at AIL generally have less than 1 year with the company, because 95% of all new agents terminate with in 6 months and 98% within 1 year (the highest turnover in the industry).

You should also know that AIL has the the worst commission schedule in the industry, I represent about 100 insurance carriers and my agents receive commission rates between 70% and 105% depending on the carrier and the product.

Don't worry the koolaid wears off soon.


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