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I just want to say this site needs to be taken with a grain of salt, this is simply a sounding board for a small amount of people to complain. If you look up ANY company, Sears, IBM, Apple, Walmart, Best Buy etc...

you will find complaints, "scams", unhappy customers, employees etc... So please don't think because you find a bad review that this is actually the full truth.

I don't work for AIL but I have work with them for quite some time and have been treated very fairly and made a great income for my family. Keep up the great work AIL!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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I can show you many more...


Total Complaints 117

Claimed losses $153,147


Total Complaints 2,051

Claimed losses $291,250

I'm writing this with a number of former employees from Walmart store 1939, Brunswick,Maine 04011

We all wonder, why Assistant Manager LINDA WHITE, still able to work for your company, she been having relationship with multiple of employees, vendors, overnight crew, cashier, dept manager, who one was investigate,with the cellular and photos lab dept. manager at the time,also the one of the cleaning crew, why anything ever happen, how someone can destroyed, families along with the store integrity. I hope someone will read and do something about this big issues, its unbelievable and very disturbing.

Thank you,

Walmart employees and former employees bc288


Nonsense. Apple, or Walmart don't have 98% of their employees or customers dissatisfied ond leaving.

AIL is a classic financial scam, over promising and under delivering. That is why there are thousands of negative posts on AIL on this and similar sites. These posts are similar and widely disseminated through AIL operations.

It is evident that these practices are systemic and not isolated.


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