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Hi, Alembic42. Our company offers career opportunities. Contracting as an Agent is a full-time position and requires hard work (more than other full-time jobs). But we think it's worth it.

Well I got a call from a nice woman named Kayla on Wednesday. She told me about a variety of jobs they had open, too many to keep track of, none exactly in my field, but I need a job and I have my resume posted on a few sites right now. Seemed like I could be potentially qualified for more than one job (from the way she was describing these jobs), and I asked her if I could come in and talk about it in person. She said yes I could, on Saturday morning, we set up an interview. It really sounded like it was a one-on-one interview.

I showed up on Saturday morning and there were like 6 people waiting in the office. This was like a big red flag. Then they made us wait like an hour! We all sat there awkwardly trying to play with our phones or whatever. There was no Kayla. No idea what happened to her. The guy who was apparently a no-show was named Dan. But as he didn't show up they finally got Tom to come talk to all of us. And man could Tom talk! He is one of these natural born salesman douchebags. They brought us to a room and Tom started off his presentation by giving the sales pitch he gives to sell his supplemental insurance policies. I don't think this is a standard life insurance policy, more of a supplemental payments policy. In any case the policy costs about $900/yr and provides benefits that supposedly cover expenses related to accidents and the like. Basically AIL gets permission from the union leadership to market to its members. *** Tom keeps talking about how rapidly the company is growing and says that they are "100% union" in the context of his clients. But union membership is at like a 100-year low. WTF? He later says that he gets additional leads from the people he sells policies to, and they can be anyone. Which directly contradicts the "100% union" thing he said a few minutes prior. This whole thing is starting to sound a lot like a Vector Corp "interview" I went to 15 years ago. They're a scam too btw.

Anyway, when he gets to the money, it sure does sound good. Start off making a good bit more than I ever have, and from there it's like money money money. Sounds great! Sounds so good that it clouded my judgment for a few hours. I really wanted to get "hired". I really appreciate all the reviews on this site for bringing me back to reality.

Here are my conclusions:

1. It is 100% clear from online research that this is not a job but rather some sort of independent contractor situation. However, everyone I dealt with at AIL described it as a job in no uncertain terms. Which means that even during a training period it is unlawful for them to make you work for free (a captive contractor is basically an employee under the law in this scenario, and they did repeatedly describe it as a job after all). There is a law about that called the Fair Labor Standards Act. But who wants to go work for free for a few hundred hours and then try to take a company to court for back pay at minimum wage?

2. I am sure that if you're the kind of *** who can sell anything to anyone by talking until they just sign whatever it is to get you to go away, then you have the opportunity to make a lot of money at AIL. If you're that kind of ***, there are probably a lot of promising sales/multilevel marketing opportunities for you. Unfortunately, if you're that kind of ***... then well the downside is that you're a *** and nobody likes you.

3. Tom did list the following expenses in his presentation: a license cost of "about $175" verbally and ">175" on the screen, and he said we would need a good professional laptop. The first expense sounds reasonable and the second expense might be reasonable if the job is really all that lucrative. He did not say anything about any additional expenses.

4. Tom made it clear that the income of $1050 a week (plus a flat reimbursement of $150 for car and phone expenses) would begin right away, but did condition it on successfully making sales.

5. I will not be returning for a followup interview. Thanks to everyone who has posted here for helping me understand the scam more clearly.

6. I can see that if they contract with 100 people for every 3 that they retain long-term, this is a way of sifting for turds so that they can find those real hardcore *** salesmen who will make them money. But there has to be some significant cost to them to do this. They must be nickel and diming new applicants terribly in order to make this process cost-effective for them. The $175 licensing cost and a requirement to own a laptop cannot be the only startup costs in this scenario. But Tom was pretty clear about this.

7. I am very glad that all I lost was a couple hours of my time and the cost of driving like ten miles. But even that is a rip-off. I could have had a nice morning with my girlfriend instead of listening to this *** try to sell me a fake job.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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Portland, Maine, United States #680758

I woke up and smelled the coffee. Its what i thought it was.iwtinessed some unfair trading practices. Ive done the same as mentioned in previous blogs.I mean time and money.Traded my truck in to do the job for a small car.Folks run run run!!!!!Over priced insurance to those that know no better.

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #626772

Hahlo! I had a "presentation" today, and I have an interview tomorrow.

Yes, it all sounds too *** good to be true. Thankfully, I am a savvy lawyer who can smell (and eat) a snake-in-the-grass. I am simply curious as to what the gentleman has to say. I am in no way persuaded.

I can see how one would be--I was, at first. If this doesn't pan out, I will be say the least. I am a union supporter. I've written theses on the subject.

If this is BS...well...I am a shark. Let's see what happens, eh? ;-} Please contact me regarding your previous post. I will give to you my contact info., so that you can feel free to contact me wihtout potential reprecussion.

My guess is that I will receive soeme negative fallout from this, but, so be it. We all have to take that leap at some point.

Email me here: , send me a coded email, and I will respond as clandestine as possible.


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