Lets bring everyone to speed: 1) AIL provides kits at $5 a piece for free with FREE education on their importance and how to complete them. 2) Most family are under covered and AIL provides some of the best types of benefits you can receive tailoring to cover the gaps of existing coverage.

3) THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT: When you make the request to receive them your confirmation email STATES that you will receive a call, you will be visited by a licensed agent, and there are benefits being made available to you. There should be no complains online because you didn't do your job by reading the email that was sent to you. Everyone that complains are people who enjoy free rides in life. You can purchase child safe kits if you'd like!

Go online for those. I cannot think of anything better than people receiving this service from people who don't get paid if you do not buy. There may be a few bad eggs out there and if they are hostile or aggressive the company reprimands the agents for that. I worked for AIL, and the families we helped were over exhausted in enthusiasm and gratefulness.

It makes me sick that negative comments such as the ones found on this site ruin peoples chances for coverage for themselves, more importantly for the kids! I am now a licensed teacher and recommend AIL to anyone

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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