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The opportunity with our Company is very real! It requires hard work and motivation. Visit to see if you have what it takes.

This pyramid scam company called me for a interview for a office manager position. When I arrived with resume in hand as ask.

They took my resume and I ended up sitting through a presentation on how to work the pyramid scam. I waited until the presentation was done and professionally excused myself. When I got to the front desk where they took my resume there was no one there. The person giving the presentation came out and ask me if he could help.

I ask for my personal information back.

In reply I was told that was there property for there records. This is not a professional company for me.

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Pyramid Scam? AIL provides benefits for Police Officers, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Flight Attendants, Government Employees, and about 100 other unions.

Those groups chose AIL out of the over 2300 other insurance companies.

I don't think you know that a Pyramid Scheme really is, they are illegal. So, selling them to police officers wouldn't be very clever.

to James #739981

Yes, "Pyramid Schemes" are illegal, but "Multi-Level Marketing" ones are. It all comes down to the semantics. This is how companies get through the smallest of loopholes.


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