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Just wanted to add my comments to the long list of other complaints about this company. If this helps other's realize that this is a SCAM- do not waste your time here, then it's worth my time in writing a review.

Just like many others have said on here, a recruiter by the name of "Jane" called me and said that their HR department had seen my resume on and was very interested in interviewing me. Seeing how I am desperate for a job right now, this was exciting news. I began to ask questions to which many of could not be answered. I was told the name of the company is "Brown's Financial" and they were located out of Tampa, Florida and had just recently opened a new office in my area.

When I asked what type of position were they looking to fill, she said they needed to feel positions from receptionist to office mangers and more. I had a few reservations about the whole phone call. I agreed to an interview and took down the address of the location. I decided to drive by the location prior to my interview.

It is simply a small office space that has been rented out. There was no official sign on the door or anything of the like. They have posters hanging all over the wall advertising how the possiabilities are endless with their company. And the room is divided into small little cubical areas everywhere.

It didn't take long to realize they were doing a job fair type situation and planning on doing a mass hiring. Then this morning I get an email from American Life Income telling me how they were looking forward to our interview. That's when I began to research the company more and found all of these complaints. We were all pretty much contacted the same way.

As a courtesy to the interviewer, I thought I would try calling the lady back who set up my interview to let her know I will not be showing up. Well wouldn't you know- she doesn't answer her phone and her voice mail box has not been set up yet. These type of companies really annoy me. There are people out here that need real jobs, including myself.

I don't have time to waste on this. A legit company would tell you up front, we are hiring to fill an insurance sales position. I would have known right away that I wasn't interested in that, but instead they try to trick you to come in. So hopefully you will be blinded by their smooth talk and wonderful recruiting pitch.

Not this girl and I hope not you either!.... Oh and all of these comments on here that seem to reflect American Income Life in a positive way- they are probably all recruiters.

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I was contacted the same way, under a different agency that didn't use AIL in it either. Lady said they were looking for someone with "quality assurance" experience and had absolutely no clue they were actually looking for "life insurance sales agents"!

When I saw numerous others coming in at the same time, I really didn't think much of it because the lady said they had just opened the office and were filling many different positions. I was then heralded into a conference room where they did their "spiel"---you can easily make up to $1,000 a week and over a $100K if promoted into a management position, yadda, yadda, yadda! I go by the philosophy "if it sounds too good to be true it usually is"!

Funny thing is, about a week after this cattle call interview I met someone who worked at the previous AIL agency for over a year (guy committed fraud or something) and told me all the dirty little secrets AIL employs to get people to buy crappy supplemental insurance and how unsuspecting agents (like those at these cattle calls) do their dirty work until they use them up and spit them out so the top can keep all the cream (residuals) for themselves. You're very lucky you didn't fall for this MLM / pyramid scheme and I'm sure you'll find a job that pays an honest wage for an honest days work :)

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