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Thanks for the awesome feedback!

I have worked out of the NY branch for almost 2 years. I make well over 6 figures as do most of the people I work with.

The company has amazing perks including yearly company conventions at 4 star resorts and crazy advancement opportunities. Go ahead and believe the negative *** you read on here but you will hear the same stuff from people about working for Ford, the state, Best Buy, etc. The only difference here is its a commission job and people run for the hills but that tells me they are lazy and don't want to work hard and get paid what they are worth. I love knowing that I get paid to the penny what I am worth and that I can retire in ten years and live a lavish life.

Make your own decisions and don't listen to the jobless skeptics. Good luck!

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I was almost trapped in with AIL. I'm very glad I read all the reviews.

Almost everything I see about the company as a whole is negative comments. You can tell the very very very few good comments are managers or something who already lie to agents to get them to come work for them. I was going to even uproot my life for this job because the money was so good but after reading that 99% of people were *** by AIL in some way and all the stories sounded exactly like what my recruiter or w/e told me. I did some research about the local branch in Charlotte, NC and it is awful.

They have a horrible reputation with the BBB and the NC workforce. They are a scam company they just fly under the radar. Research videos of the Company Dateline, Good Morning America etc have all done pieces on this company and it just breaks my heart for all the people being conned into working there. I told them I was in school they told me to quit because I can make more money working there wtf!

They are not a Union Co. Check with your local Unions they aren't. And for those of you who said they never said they were part of a union are liars because they do. Stay away from AIL.

They are a scam now their basic life insurance is great but the other insurances they offer they *** you. Horrible Horriible Company I'm glad I'm smart enough to do research about a job before I take it. The whole scheme sounded fishy off the bat. I was supposed to have my third and final interview today but I called manager or whatever Phillip Jenkins and told him what I had read on the internet and he said well if you are going to ask these kinds of questions then we don't need you here anyways.

He couldn't answer any of my questions that I asked and he told me I misunderstood the presentation. He clearly told us we would be reimbursed for our liscence(we don't), he said they are Insurance with the Union (no they are not!) He said they provide you fresh new leads and 80% of the people buy the insurance because these are people already looking for insurance and it was easy to sell (not true they think u are coming to give them a free child safety kit they have no idea about the insurance) I asked a list of question and every question I was told I misunderstood that's *** AIL u almost cost me my life because I was about to give up everything because I thought this was a once in a lifetime oppertunity. So ***!

They made me look so *** in front of my family.

They are ruining other people's lives something needs to be done.


These ticops are so confusing but this helped me get the job done.

salam mahbod jaanmn age vaght konam search mikonam vhameye folm hasho ba keyfiyat dn mikonam,dar zemn man on kareh fire &ice bakhshi ro ham kamel daram:)

I too, being an ex-employee am bedazzled at all the success stories I have heard about on the internet by people such as this fella here. This is such a default answer you hear by all the underling toadies of the AIL garbage. LIES all LIES


I am amazed that everyone makes six figures as less than 1% of AIL agents make that. Also it is exceptional that you have stayed with the company for 2 years as 98% leave prior to 1 year, 95 % within 6 months.

It puzzles me that professional communicators with AIL cannot communicate accurately to prospective agents what the position is about. Further, I am perplexed that this communication failure is nationwide despite a company filled with such talented sales people.


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