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Thanks for sharing your story, baseballjoe23.

I was very skeptical of American Income Life from the minute they called me due to all the horrific reviews. I was fresh out of college and didnt have any other solid leads towars a career so I took the position. The first thing they told us was that people write bad reviews on there company because they were weak and lazy and couldnt handle a real job. I bought into it for a few weeks until I say the turnover was about 2 months including training. I had to be there from 8 to 8 every monday and thursday. My boss said that they were preporation days and that we actually only worked 4 days a week not including those ones. Monday and Thursday consisted of new stratagies on how to concince customers to buy more coverage than they will ever know what to do with, making sure we had solid rebuddles when they called us out on lying, and my boss sending us picuture messages of his dog, cats, antiches, etc so that we can lie to all future customers by relating to them more.

FREE LEADS!!!! Yes, they will rehash and rehash that they are the only company that has free leads.......Let me break down how leads at AIL work. Union members get a letter in the mail saying that all they have to do is put their name and phone number on a card and they get a $3,000 accidental death policy for free from there work. Those letters get directly sent to a company they have never heard of (american income life) and those are the leads. You spend 10 to 15 minutes trying to convice them how you got the card with their info on it and that our copany is not a scam. Once you do that you have to convice them that in small print it said that we actually have to hand deliver the policy to them by driving to their house and getting signatures(which is complete horse $hit). That is if the lead picks up, just under half of the leads are thrown away because they either dont put their phone number down or its a house phone that does not get answered. Oh ya, and only half of the appointments you set will show up. The rest will have googled your company by now and either made sure they are not home, wont answer the door, or complety forget because you are not important in their daly life. If you do get lucky you will present 3 times a day. They think that you are coming over to grab a quick signature but what you really do is get your foot in the door and jam life insurance down their throat for an hour and a half until they say yes. Not to mention that you will be placed minimum an hour and a half away. My location was 1 hour and 50 minutes one way. You do not get reinbursted one penny for gas so make sure you invest in a Nisson Leaf or a moped if you plan on making this so called job a career.

I was really getting sick of getting home at midnight almost everynight except for monday and thursday which I was corenteened in the office for 12 hours. Also, when you strike out on all 3 appointments which is very common, that 2 hour drive get stressful as your fuel gauge gets closer and closer to empty while youre not bringing home any bacon. One wednesday night my boss called me at midnight and said that I can sleep in and come in at noon. At first I was angry he called so late but let it slide because I got to sleep in a bit. Rolled over at 8:15 am to 5 missed calls 3 texts and an email saying that he needed me in as soon as possible because he wanted to work on some "new stratagies". I was pretty ticked about it but let this seporation of work and home slide this one last time. Later that week I had not gotten over bonus which is very common and he told me I needed to work Saturday even though I had called off months prior to head to my girlfriends home town to spend some time with her father. I relucatnly worked because like any young employee you want to make your boss is happy even though this company is a text book definition of a perimind scheme. I did not make a sale and headed to her place late Saturday night. I got a 3 missed calls Sunday afternoon saying that I have to leave her house drive 3 plus hours and doorknock people to make sure that I am over bonus(so he gets paid). Which I refused to do. I put my 2 weeks on his desk that monday, he read it and told me that he does not want me to work here anymore. He pulled the classic "You cant quit because I'm firing you". I am not a pushover or a lazy employee. I was a collegic athlete and am very successful in the field I do now. I am just writing this so that people do not fall for the same trap of lies that I fell for.

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You sound like a whiny b*tch. I don't even work for AIL, but another insurance company.

You should've educated yourself before accepting a position in a field you clearly know NOTHING about. Oh and I hope you didn't pay too much for your education. 'Corenteened'?!

Haha. WOW.



You went to college so I would expect a more logical response from you. 95% of newly contracted agents leave AIL within 6 months, 98% within 1 year not because they are lazy, not because they are intellectually deficient, and not because they make excuses, but because the environment described to them is not what actually exists. Income claims from the AIL recruiters (supposed professional communicators) are false according to Torchmark financial disclosures which show the average agent earns about $300 per week before expenses. The leads are constantly refreshed, the trainers have little industry or product knowledge, and the phone setting practices are considered deceptive by most insurance commissioners. The AIL contract is the worst in the industry, the policy retention is the worst in the industry, and agents are required to pay union dues for representation they never see. And this is just for starters.

Incidentally, I was contracted with AIL over 6 years, earned 5 conventions, and dozens of bonuses, and was featured several time in the Spotlight. I left because of the endless stream of lies from AIL corporate.


I went to college and I'm still working at AIL. Try reading 'Making Milions in Direct Sales,' and you will see that any other direct sales organization is the same way, and it is very possible to make a good living doing it.

That being said, it's not easy, and depends very much on the abilities of your mentor. It's a great way for the company to get free work from people, giving them the ability to have lower rates than other companies.

At the end of the day, however, it looks like you choose to make excuses and place blame on others for your failure rather than accepting responsibility for it yourself. It's no wonder you didn't make it.


I had just under 4 k alp back to back weeks about a month before I left. So I had good sales skills, I just don't want to work for a company that is a joke along with driving 6 hours a day.

I know you never went to college because you're still with the company.

Someone with a real education would realize that a company like this is not only deceptive but horrid for not following through with policys. Got something to say now you little ***.


Way to go, Matt. Your witty retort is always a joy.

To the poster: I worked as an assistant manager in retail and am surprised I received a call from this company.

I recently applied online for different sites, and I think sent them my resume which was uncalled for. Thankfully I have enough worldly knowledge to know when a scam is a scam, and this is a big one.


You may want to reconsider college, your spelling is horrendous.

That being said, It sounds like you just didn't have sales skills.


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