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Douglas, Wyoming

Ugh, these guys are a SCAM and ***! nice wrinkled suits, women wearing boots with no hosiery....smarmy, dirty looking people, these American Income Life folks.....Dan Smith and Laura Gregory, at the Spokane Washington AIL branch. (*** hole of an office, btw!)

spokane american income life scams by posting fake job descriptions in craigslist. they are a recruiting mill that banks on you quitting, they get your residuals, they get your 312 admin fee.

wtf type of company has you pay them to work? LMAO!

spokane American Income Life

112 N. University Road Suite (ha!) 306

Spokane, Washington

nasty, nasty people, nasty office, NASTY PYRAMID SCHEME!!

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Let me tell you what they did to me. this guy came over smelling like he left his close in the washer for 3 days trying to sell this *** insurance, i didnt want to buy but wife kept pressure on me.

I told him only way i would consider if we could start may 8th, he tells me no problem. as soon as i sign they took out a payment april 6, i called they said it was a mistake they said they would fix it. A week later they took out another months payment which i began bouncing checks. I blew up called everyone under the stars to fix this.

It took 2 days of paper work I had to fax to them and my bank to get my money back it was like pulling teeth but i took care of the problem. I do blame myself for not doing my homework with this *** company, lesson learn


Well I don't understand why you have to pay them to get the job. If I want to work real estate I don't pay the broker for the license.

I pay the state's testing agency to get the license and then the broker covers everything else.

Many brokers will pay for your license and training and deduct the costs from your first commission. That way you're not paying to work there.


If you are looking for a career where you can be your own boss then AIL is for you. If you are looking for EMPLOYMENT where you are an employee with a boss then you need to look at THOSE types of opportunities.

This is an opportunity to own your own business----that does not make the opportunity a scam... If you don't understand how it works then ask questions. Don't assume that because there are a lot of scams out there that this is one too just because you don't understand. Don't slander people's names and businesses just because it is not the opportunity for you or because you were expecting an EMPLOYMENT opportunity and it didn't meet your expectations as being what you were looking for in an EMPLOYMENT opportunity.

I have been on countless interviews in my life time that were not what I was expecting or what I was looking for...that didn't make them just wasn't the right fit for me... Think before you assume and post ridiculous accusations. If you do your research before you come and it isn't what you are looking for then cancel the interview because it isn't what you are looking for and therefore wouldn't be good fit for you.

DON'T slander people and companies... Just bow out gracefully and pursue other opportunities that better suit you...


be prepared to be sued for slandering people's name.


I had a run in with this company. This guys right they scam you.

Theres more than one scam like this out there. I suggest only putting your email on resumes you send to people over c*****list and then researching the company after they contact you. You will notice that these scams typicaly dont have their company name listed in the posting. Any company that is seriously looking is going to put their name in the ad.

Why wouldnt they put their name????

What do they have to hide??? They dont want you searching the net only to find out that they will scam you.


Thanks for the info. They contacted me for an interview tomorrow.

Will I be showing up? HTFNOOOOOOO! This is not the first and probably not the last scam that will approach me.

I've learned to do research on companies that contact me for interviews. Again thank you and hope you find the right job you deserve!


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