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We hear your feedback and thank you for sharing your experience. While each Office is run independently, we will pass your story onto our Agency Division. This is great Company but everyone's experience is different.

I am pissed. My SGA cursed me out, saying F@@@ You, like a mad man, repeated it over 20 times, I then hanged up on him, very unprofessional. Because I asked a question during a professional conversation we were having, "Where is the integrity of the business". The reason I asked this question was, my SGA (State General Agent) paid a business deal that I have resolved and completed to my RGA (Regional General Agent).

Given that I have all the documentations of the work being done, did my follow ups, and emails to request for the reopening of the client's case. The client was involved and is willing to testify on my behalf about my work ecthics and my constant follow ups. My client states "he was mislead by my RGA about that I am no longer handling the case". Which was verified by my MGA.

I have heard roomers about people taking advantages whenever possible to steal your businesses. I now believe it. It's a dark company, I used to recommend AIL, but now I am regretful that I even try to recruit my own family members to work with them.

How can a great leader, do such ungreatfulness, is it because of their rank in power, gives them the right to curse me out like you won't believe. Also with the final decision on who gets the business and the pay. So please do believe all the negatives in other reports. I was a believer in AIL, after my personel experiences, I would say, "Becareful".

Where is the integrity of it all??

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I have read through many of the comments and it is comical, yet sad, that much of the rudeness is coming from agents from AIL. This reflects poorly, more so than the angry and disheartened people posting how foul the company is.


roomers is spelled R-U-M-O-R-S smart one!!!!


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