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Working with our Company is a fantastic opportunity. It requires commitment, hardwork, and focus, but countless Agents find success here. It's not for everyone though. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

This morning I received a request to call and set up an interview with James Scroggins, a Senior Manager at American Income. I thought I should have some background information before I called so I googled.

Thank goodness I did. Now I won't waste my time or lose any money thanks to the comments posted here. Fortunately I learned the fact that if it sounds too good to be true it usually is a long time ago and remembered it.

Sorry for all those that learned the hard way but be assured you did me a favor today. Good luck to all.

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I went to my second interview today, I don't get how people can say their a scam. It's a sales job!!!!!

I've worked for Allstate before and guess what, it works the same, u get leads, give them a quote, bind the policy, then get paid commission. If you your expecting a check every week to just sit in a place for 40 hours a week then sales is not for you. When I worked for allstate I had to buy my own license as well. Yes they make money off of you, ALL companies do!!!

The way I see it is if your looking for a job I don't see how you can pass up the opportunity. I know I'm going to take this opportunity and take it as far as I can go!!!!


sorry but i just couldn't resist ail agent in training. it's not "up most" integrity it's "utmost" i hate when people don't know the correct word, it makes me doubt their hiring process if they hired someone who doesn't know the correct term


Thank you everybody for your postings. I got a called from them to day for a second interview, I would not go.

Okay people, I was also skeptical about joining AIL. I read all these forums and gosh I really felt like this was a big waste of time.

I took the time to go back for the third interview and they said I was in and I would need to start taking the classes necessary to obtain a license. I enrolled in class and called them and am now receiving training and I have not yet even taken the classes! Training doesn't even cost a DIME ! And might I add I am receiving some great training, tips, and advice.

Too good to be true my ***. The opportunity absolutely exists. I see agents pulling in the parking lot with "2011" cars. I have not yet seen a person to pull up into AIL with a *** car (obviously the income exists).

I myself drive a 2010 Toyota Corolla (GAS SAVER) but Im talking beamers. I think me getting involved with AIL was the best decision I have made and I am really becoming educated on the NEED of life insurance. I cannot be happier with the training I am receiving and cannot wait to take the classes this coming saturday and sunday and take the state exam to become fully licensed. I am so excited to get into the field and start making reallll $$$$$.

People complain like they lost 600$ or something, like where the *** did your money go buddy? HAHA ! I mean I do not know how other agencies operate, but my agency that I am currently training with is fully legit, and fully committed to seeing me shine with the most light. My training also only consists of 1-2 people.

So they absolutely DO NOT HIRE EVERYONE FOR THE *** JOB. You people need to get your facts straight and stop trashing a company you have no knowledge about. Like HEATHER said, it is the AGENCY that you are working for, not the company as a whole. Well, whatever it is, I know I am going to be making a great living with this company because our Agency's sale practices are of the up most integrity and they really want to see you prosper.

They are putting good time into me during training, for instance today we went 1 hr and 30 min over the scheduled time for training. Again, training does not cost a dime. PEOPLE, stop trashing this company, if you want to "trash" "AIL" then why don't you give out the specific agency name in your location. Or are you too dumb to even figure that out!?!??!

Well good luck too all of you and do not wish good luck to me because I absolutely know what I am doing and know that a positive attitude, mixed with great communication skills, with knowledge about the products, I will have the opportunity for an unlimited income.

It's sales people, this is not for EVERYONE. , and if you are in need of life insurance, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT ME :))

It is true, I work for AIL and we do make money off of every person we sign up for the job. BUT we provide you with all of the necessary training and scripts that you need to memorize.

As well as leads, the leads may not necessarily be up to date but they are still leads. I think it's a great job and I've been doing it for 12 years.

If you aren't willing to work 6 or 7 days a week you will probably not succeed. All of you that feel that's too much to ask then good luck finding another job.


I just got finished my 3rd interview with them and... Of course I got invited back for the final interview.

First off I will tell you, the people who recruit for AIL don't care who you are or what you do. They will recruit anyone they can because they make money for every person who signs up for the job. The only people who will tell you that this is a great company, and you will make tons of money with them are the people who work for the company. They have a very low success rate, about 5-6%.

This is because of their weasel like ways, they don't tell you what the job even is until the 3rd interview.... What the *** kind of legit company hides the job title? And why? Second, they hide costs from you not telling you that you'll have to pay admin fees which can range to $300 after already paying the $450 for the lisence.

Also it's a pyramid based company so people on the bottom make hardly any money until you start moving up, and by moving up I mean recruiting people yourself. Which takes 6 months of already working there to accomplish. The company sneaks around laws with loopholes. The people who work for the company are like cult leaders and all they say is "if you work hard" you'll reap the rewards...

All these people just try to take advantage of the bad economy and people needing jobs.

If you get a call from this company DON'T DO IT! THEY ARE MAKING MONEY OFF YOU!


5. question - Your comments sound just like mine today.

I was hired on today and start thursday with a meeting. It sounds too good to be true. I'm really thinking about not going, but I had already paid $79.00 to study for the Ins. Lic.

please contact me because I still have questions. thanks


I'm a manager with American Income and the only people that don't make it at our agency are those that don't work hard. I am in my early 20's and significantly out earning my parents...combined. I'm happier than I've ever been and so thankful to be with a positive, uplifting company.

Also, I was reimbursed for my insurance classes ($199) and made over $800 during my training. Now, I average about $1800/wk and it's growing. If anyone is making less than than after 6 months in the business, it's your agency, NOT the company. Each agency is independently owned and operated.

And NO program that is suggested for union members is more than 3% of their income. If an agent is suggesting more than that, they'd have to manipulate the program and that makes the Agent shady, not the Company.


Thank you all for your comments. I received a phone call from them and not knowing the number, let it go to voicemail.

Never having heard about the company (I certainly didn't apply and wondered how they got my number)I decided to do some research before returning the call. Based on the fact that these comments are very recent, I won't be wasting my time.


There are laws that exist that protect us from sales practices which blur the line between a sales entity and a union entity. This is precisely the line which American Income Life walks and exploits. Their sales script is purposefully crafted to blur this line as much as possible without being explicitly illegal.

The agents are a greedy and immoral lot, they prey on everyone. Anyone is a possible sale, no matter what their current financial situation. Their mentality is that you can never have enough of their product. They are the drug dealers of the Insurance Community.

I've witnessed American Income agents aggressively push vulnerable clients into corners, clients who already own more than their share of life insurance contracts, and insist they sign into more. I've witnessed their bizarrely barbaric reaction after a sale is refused and the utter contempt they hold for anyone who doesn't contribute to their cause.

These people need rehabilitation. Do what you can to avoid contact with them.


to 188 been there and kj. i am an agent with american income not in management ever and only 38.

i have been with the company 10 years. let me tell u guys something. do u really believe the b.s. coming out of your mouths.

if u didnt make it with the company its because of u not anyone else but u. they do provide the leads but the b.s. of 5 out of 50? really??

try 40-45 out of 50 u make quality money with the company. how do u think other insurance companies work??? exactly the same way.. u call on potential clients also....

i have seen many people stay and many people leave in my 10 years... every time they leave its because the person wasnt wanting to put in the effort needed. try another insurance company, u will find out the hard way that to reap the awards u have to be willing to put in the effort. as for having to pay for the training..

u dont pay for the training EVER!!!! u r paying to get liscensed by that specific state. that is your cost. there r no other fees.

as for payin for gas? guess what u r going to write off all the miles u drove on your taxes. here is how your taxes work. a tank of gas costs bout $70.

u get 350 miles to that tank. the miles u drive for work u get on your taxes so lets say 300 miles. the national mileage that u receive is about 50 cents per mile, half of 300 is $150. off your bottom line income for the year.

thats per tank.

get your story straight guys b 4 giving advice to others. just cause u couldnt *** it...dont ruin it for others


I worked at this company for about 2 months till I quit because I could not take it any longer. I was right out of college and looking for a job when I got a call to interview with them.

I went thru the first interview and the manager told me to go home and talk with my family and friends then come back friday for a second interview with a decision. The interviews were not typical interviews and were basically just meetings to talk up the job and make it sound amazing and too good to be true which it was. I accepted the job and saw these reviews but I brushed them off and gave it a chance. I wish I wasn't so naive, and listened to other people's experiences.

I just wanted to write so, If someone who is in the same position as I was might want a little advice as to not to get involved in this company. They don't pay for you're training, this should have been my first sign. You spend a lo of money before you begin to receive a pay check. You basically feel like a telemarketer when trying to set your appointments, have the people you call have no idea what you're talking about when you call them.

When you interview this is one of their perks saying it's not cold calling and you get lead packs. About 5 out of a 50 lead pack will agree to sit down with you. This job was not for me I have a college degree and believe that I am better than working for them. I did not like the late hours, they also say theres full benefits, but they are actually so expensive that no one that works there takes advantage of it.

Why would I wanna work for somewhere that does not offer benefits, is commisson only, you have to work saturdays, and pay for you own training, gas and etc. NOT WORTH IT!


Thank you everyone for your postings about this company. I received a voicemail message regarding an interview with this company today.

I'm glad I didn't pick up the phone. It saved me a lot of aggravation & money I don't have.


I was asked today to join the family at AI Life insurance. I told the manager I will have to sit on this and do some research.

Based on the enormous amount of feedback on posts, it appears this company practices shady.

Am I right on what I gathered?


I was asked today to join the family at AII. I told the manager I will have to sit on this and do some research.

Based on the enormous amount of feedback on posts, it appears this company practices shady.

Am I right on what I gathered?


Good for you! I wish I had done some background information before I worked there, but now all I can do is pass on my experience and hope that it doesn't happen to anyone else.


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