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i received a called from Raliegh N.C. due to my resume being posted on Monster.

I already have a job so i didn't take this guy so seriously. B.S. I'm glad that i deceided to not go to an interview. i believe they are playing on the minds of the unemployed.

I will not be calling them back. What I hear is that they sell life and supplemental insurance coverage.

NOT interested in begging people who don't have any money to buy something that they don't see value in. I will avoid them now

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I currently work with AIL and have been employed for about 3 weeks. Sure, I had to put some time, money, and effort into obtaining my insurance lisence and all of that time, money, and effort has definitely put a hurtin' on my bank account and time with my family; however, I was explained all of this upfront and I made the conscious decision to still enter into the employment opportunity.

I don't know if some of you worked with less-straight forward hiring agents and if so, that stinks for you because I have begun to reap the benefits that I have worked so hard to get. Now this job is not for anyone and because of websites like these, people aren't even giving a company like AIL a chance. This job takes discipline (a quality that has been lost in our generations) and patience. I have a BA in Psychology and an MBA and I had to work hard to achieve these degrees.

These past 3 weeks have been somewhat like going to school again to acheive another 'degree'.

To me it seems that people just want to be handed a paycheck, but nothing in this world comes free. All I know is, should I ever leave AIL, I would ALWAYS be willing to hire a person that had entered into insurance sales because I know that person has the qualities needed to succeed.


I received three calls from three separate people from Ail trying to set up an interview with me. I am looking for work as a chef and have worked as such for twenty years.

I was suspected when talking to the first person today, because he seemed to know nothing about my resume. But I set up an interview anyway. Two hours later some one else called to set up an interview with the same set of questions, as I was at work I said that they call me at a later time, two hours after that I got a third call to set up an interview. This made me wonder just who these people were and why the were contacting me and how come they did not know I already had an interview scheduled.

So When I got home tonight I looked them up and saw all this scam talk. All I know is that I do not see these things posted about chase bank, or Walmart, or the Hilton so. .

.If people are complaining that AIL is taking peoples money to train them for a job that seems not work out or the majority of them there must be some truth to it. And how does any fortune 500 company have a local office that can not know when they are interviewing a candidate and have three "recruiters" contact the same candidate?


Many different opinions and experiences with AIL out there. The money is real, if you control your own leads and feel good about the product and what you are selling.

I do know that, in my hiring class, they hired everyone who could afford to pay the licensing fees. Many people think the company is going to train you, and get the wake up call. It is expensive to sell insurance. I had good and bad experiences, during my employment.

The bad happened when the MGA and SGA decided to control my business, and I was chasing duplicate leads.

I was told to shut up or I would get fired. Within three months, all of us who initially signed up - Quit because of the greedy MGAs and SGA.


Oh, and yes I have forgot to add. They hire everyone?

Really? Then where did the other 10 people in my interview group go?

In my agency , there has been a recent interviewing process in which 2 of about 25 people where hired throughout 2 branches. Sooooo yeah they all got hired LOL


I am currently going through training with AIL. You lost $900 for what?

If I can get some dumb *** to pay $900 for nothing, *** I would do it to. I payed for class and haven't even taken it yet, but I am receiving training at my local agency at no cost. In other words, I am not yet fully licensed but am still receiving training at no cost. The leadership at my agency as *** great.

The money is very real. The managers at my office are pushing brand new BMWs, agents have 2011 cars, and just today an MGA at another local agency bought a brand new black every Volkswagen Passat (2011). I am getting some of the best training I have ever gotten in my life, it is very informational. They have opened my eyes up to life insurance and this is a sure thing that EVERYBODY should have.

I am excited to get into the field and really help people out. Maybe your Agency that you were at was a *** one.

Don't trash the whole company when you have absolutely no idea what is going on at other agencies. Can't wait to make this MONEY !!!!


I used to work there. I know what they are.

They treat their appointment setters like *** and expect you to bend over backwards for $75 a week. You will hear any employee there make comments such as the one that ARAIL has made. Brainwashers is what they are.

They want to make it seem like it's such a wonderful opportunity, and never mind that you have to neglect your health and your family and other obligations, because it's all about the money and your manager or whoever hired you getting commission off of your pay, assuming that you get any of course. If you work there and you're reading this, run as far away as you can.


DONT DO IT! i lost $900 with AIL.

AIL calls everyone and hires anyone who wants the job, you will never be turne down and they tell you that ur competing with eachother when it's just a script theyve memorized to get you to believe them. It's a shady company with a lot of hidden costs and loop holes.

IF IT SEEMS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, it probably is! Don't do it, they are scam artists


I am very new to the whole "scam" thing but anything that pops up in my spam FOR A JOB!! most likely is a scam!


I have been training with AIL and I love it. The people are so nice and they were very honest about things up front.

I cant see why people who are informed about the process are upset about anything! You have to invest in a license that is YOURS to take wherever you want. Its like anything else you earn in life. The job is difficult but not because the company is bogus or the leads are ***, but because of the general perception of someone calling your phone that you dont know.

The company really does a service for people. The no cost benefits are wonderful things to have. The policy presentation can very easily be turned down, but the truth is people need to hear it. 90% of Americans are underinsured.

Death is not what people live for, but it will happen to all of us. People should be informed and think about what happens when they die. The products are good and the staff is awesome. The leadership in the office I work for is wonderful.

I cant wait to do a service to people who need it the most. The union workers and their families are those who probably wont have the savings to pay for final expenses. The people who are saying awful things are either ill informed, or had a bad personal experiance. That is not the company's fault, its the person who gave you a bad taste's fault.

Im sorry for anyone who does not understand this job and the company well enough to make a truely informed statement about them. It is a great opportunity for a great company.


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