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Your experience is not a typical one and not associated with our Company, but we appreciate your feedback.

Let me say first that I was an optimistic Agent. I had my insurance license already, so I didn't get dropped like a rock as some of my counterparts were.

I learned the scripts eventhough my office kept tweaking it every week. This job takes stamina, so I found myself on some nights falling on my bed pressing the buttons on my computer to transmit the day's applications. I navigated around the office gossip, I avoided the pitfall of being around non AIL believers. Things took a turn for the worst when the meetings began to be more of a peprally than training.

Then came the marijuana talk. Yes...I said the marijuana talk. Basically someone gave a presentation on how to go about finagling to try and get marijuana users a policy. I have nothing against cannibis users.

However, I do have a problem with Agency reps instructing people on how to get users in the door for benefits while Federal and State Law says use is illegal. After that I left. No amount of commission made that office any more comfortable. I saw so many backhanded things, managers revising other managers work, theft, double talk...etc.

I always had a feeling that the Feds could walk in the door at any moment, it State Officials sanctioning the branch.

If you use tunnel vision and just think about signing people up for benefits while making a decent dollar--this is the place for you. If you value working in a peacefully environment where you don't constantly feel like you are in a den of thieves doing questionable things, this is not the place for you.

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Sumter, South Carolina, United States #634883

Look, some people do that, but not ALL offices teach how to do that. We were told you can insure *** smokers if you want, but it is bad business and is cautioned in many offices.

Some people are in this for the money, and that's where they make their mistakes. I have turned down a few people just because they smoke ***, because that is a risk you don't want to take.

to SC Agent #634966

Roger Smith is the CEO of AIL. During my first meeting with him, years ago, he told a group of us how he would fake tobacco and drug tests for clients when he was an agent during the 70s.

Don't deceive yourself into believing that many AIL agents aren't instructed on ways to game the system.

Most insurance carriers will insure nicotine users using appropriate nicotine rates. The agent's responsibility s to accurately report the information from the client interview.


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