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Val0166, if you need further assistance, please give us a call at 1-800-433-3405

I tried to call and cancel some policies I have with American Income life 6/18/12 was left on the phone two times for 20 minutes the third time i called vented my frustration asked for a surrender form 6/25/12 called again to ask for cancellation department once more to request status on surrender form, I was left on hold 15 min before I hung up and called back again only to speak to Alysa that stated she would send me the surrender form via email and wouldn't you know the forms could not be retrieved asked politletly if she could resend them in a program most people have. my only reply was ignore this email as i have sent it to the wrong person . I clarified that I indeed was the right person to please resend no reply!!!

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They have a history of poor customer service issues. The service before signing up is great but once you're a client, you better have a lot of patience. Above all this, I cancelled my policies once I found out their rates are not even remotely competitive, especially on their term insurance they tell you is a 'monthly income' so you don't figure it out.


This is a common complaint. You are the customer and have exercised appropriate efforts to cancel. Contact the Insurance Commissioner in your State, provide your story and you will get results.


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