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This place is a scam, and I swear if I didn't know any better. There is someone selling phone numbers to these so called debt collectors.

I am now going to call my local phone co., and the do not call list, and report them. I question this site also, because you have to type at least a 100 words to file this. For all I know this site is probably connected to there's. Now I have 77 words.

I am done talking about this 20 words ago, but you have to do a 100 words so it will go thru. So I wouldn't waste my time.

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American Income life is 1) not a scam and 2) they are not debt collectors! they are an insurance company that deals specifically with life insurance.

If they have your phone number it is 1) because you work with a union that has already approved their benefit plans, or 2) someone you know has sponsored you into the program for they typically only deal with unions and associations, or referrals from already satisfied customers. as for another comment I read on here about false advertising...they do not advertise at all!

PR people deal directly with the unions and union members then contact the company. If anything, the comments i have read are borderline defamation/slander.


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