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Just recieved a call from AIL for interview, then researched and glad I did-There seems to be a couple of Companies that are doing this to people- and Thank God this site is here so you can be informed of what you could be getting yourself into---American life and other Companies that do this to people , Banker's was another one that tried to do this because you put a Resume' out trying to make life work for you and live the AMERICAN DREAM, Thanks to all that contribute to this site. Maybe - just maybe what comes around goes around to these SCAMMINGS!!!

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I agree with you. Unfortunately it was too late for me.

I worked there for 3 months.

When i started to complain about their 'ethics' was when i was asked to leave stating that i was 'causing problems' when in reality, i was saving MY life insurance license....a CODE OF ETHICS that i SWORE TO - and actually, my time. They are not true in what they say in ads....i just saw 2 more ads on KIJIJI here in London and what they SAY is not true!


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