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Mike79, we strive to provide career opportunities to those who need them. We're sorry you didn't enjoy working with us, but it's not a career for everyone. Best of luck.

I worked at AIL. FYI Anyone will be hired there who has a car and no felonies.

Expect no paycheck for over a month and to "wait" on your license number for a few weeks. You will be told what a talented, and motivated prospect you are for a few months. After your time is up and they,"they being the lying,ego-driven,brainwashee managers" feel your worth is up....time to go. And by the way all your residuals go guessed it your bosses.

Only 2% of the hundreds brought in a month will make it a year. Sucker born every minute

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and the managers dont just let you go. you give up.

The average length any agent works at any insurance company is about 28 days or so. ANY INSURANCE COMPANY.. And anyone gets hired On the Sole Reason that in order to become an insurance salesman legally. you have to study, and pass tests in which AIL recieves no money yet.

The managers ONLY make money when their agent makes money. When you first start yes it may be tricky to make 5000 ALP every week. obviously . you dont become a carpenter and have journeyman status out of school only.

Plain and simple if you stopped working at AIL you *** Suck at Selling and have no Balls. you can expect to have days that make one question why they do it. then youll have days where you make 1000 dollars. it does not take months.

because the biggest bonus' come from your first few months of work, If you suck and cant sell the guy who is trying to motivate you and help you get better makes a big fat zero dollarsfrom you. If you quit within 3-4 months the renewals go to the manager who trained you and helped you. after that you keep the renewals.

The thing about the commission being less than other compsnies.

when you get paid for commission by the other company, that policy HAS TO PAY TO THE COMPANY 2 YEARS WOTH OF PREMIUMS OTHER WISE THE COMPANY WILL TAKE AALLLL YOUR COMMISSION THAT YOU MADE STRAIGHT UP BACK UP FRONT OFF YOUR PAYCHEQUE. AIL is 15% of that time. If you hate on AIL you obviously are a person who thought you'd be a good salesman but you blow Chunks. or you are a client who keeps getting upsold.

plain and simple Ail is Unionized and their agents are private contractors.

if i want i can leave n work elsewhere. Other insurance companies like sunlife make their agent sign a contract stating they cannot work for any other insurance company for the next so many years usually 5-10.

to I work at AIL #658899

Typical AILer ignorance. I know many agents and managers who left AIL due the organizations lack of ethics.

I made 5 conventions, dozens of awards, and numerous mentions and articles in Spotlight. Nothing replaces the lack of trust in the executives. Now you mention other companies, your ignorance is on full display. I am contracted with over 100 carriers, my agents receive commissions between 70% and 105% depending on the specific carrier, renewals are guaranteed from day 1 for either 10 years or policy life depending on the carrier.

If a policy lapses within the first year there is a commission chargeback (partial or full depending on the length of payment). AIL has the worst agent contract in the industry, the worst policy persistence in the industry, and the worst agent turnover in the industry. This is not coincidence as AIL confiscates the balance of first year commissions and renewals when agents leave, AIL financially benefits from turnover. That is why 98% of newly contracted agents leave within 1 year.

That is why AIL agents have so little industry and product knowledge. AIL policy persistence is less than 60% for 13 months, most of my best carriers have a 95% to 98% 13 month persistence. I have carriers with 5 year policy persistence the exceeds 90%. Why?

Agents are trained better, better needs analysis, better customer service, no agent turnover.

Finally, let's address this AIL agents being unionized nonsense. How can an "independent contractor" which is the legal term and specified as a non-employee, be a member of the Office and Professional Employees International Union? Who is you union representative? When have you ever seen a union representative?

5000 agents paying $25 per month union dues is $125,000 per month.

For what? AIL being union is another claim with little substance.


Life insurance helps to sumpelpent the income for your family after you die. If you are married and both you and you spouse work and you pass now she is down to a single income.

will your family be forced to move? will your kids be able to go to the same schools? If you are single life policy will not only help to pay your funeral costs which can exceeded $10,000 you can cash out on that life policy when you feel you do not need it any more. You take the money out as a loan against the policy which can be done tax free.

however that will eliminate the death benefit. Talk to your agent for further info or send me an email if you have further questions.


Life icasrunne is icasrunne on your life. If you die the icasrunne company pays money to your beneficiaries.

they could be family, friends, the company you work for even a charitable organization. as long as there is an insurable interest.If you are dead the money from the icasrunne can pay for your funeral, your debts, mortgage, medical bills, car payments, children's college education, your families survival if you are no longer here to provide for them, as well as pay for inheritance taxes, probate taxes (life icasrunne is tax free)if you are single, no family, no responsibilities and don't mind being buried by the state then you probably don't need life icasrunne.Lots of policies don't get cashed in or claimed, its when someone dies and the icasrunne company doesn't know about it. a death claim has not been made, usually because the beneficiaries didn't know the person had the policy.

in this case the icasrunne company just keeps the money until a claim is made.There are lots of different kinds of policies and it can get a little confusing. Visit your state icasrunne departments website or even talk to an agent most would be more than willing to help, if you don't know where to find one go to a place like or and they'll hook you up with one



It is obvious that you have never read your union contract, there is no language for expenses. You speak of a bonus. The commission rates in this contract are 40 to 90% lower than agent contracts at other insurance carriers. In Canada AIL agents are members of CEP Local 247 located in Toronto. Calling any other CEP and asking questions is no better than walking down the street and randomly asking people their opinion of your contract. Finally, you are also misinformed about Warren Buffet owning AIL. AIL is owned by Torchmark, and Berkshire Hathaway (Mr. Buffet's company) owns 4.4% of Torchmark.

When you offer an opinion it is preferable to have an informed opinion.


Call the Local CEP Union and talk to your union Rep... CEP is the union AIL is Governed through.. Ail Does offer % as well as money for expenses if you make your Quota. Please stop even the Popo have quota... You wanna be a hairdresser.. You MUST MEET YOUR QUOTA of a certain number of heads per month.

So AIL being the ONLY FULLY UNION Insurance provider in all of Canada. yet there being hundreds of brokers and companies providing insurance. probably thousands of companies non union.. Scam is most likely non union as you have the right to know participate refuse and ohhh thats right Grieve. ail make you mad while working for them grieve to your CEP Local and see if you have the right to talk..

AIL makes you pay upfront costs while other insurance providers may, Pay upfront costs PENDING YOU SIGN A CONTRACT WITH WHICHEVER INSURANCE COMPANY. THAT ISNT AIL. that contract enslaves you for a set duration to that company and no other even if you suck at sales and quit. AIL on the other hand does not want you to have to feel Enslaved or obligated to only them for your Sales Career.

plenty more to Ramble on about, Although most of you are Defamating A company Owned by the 3rd welthiest man on planet earth.. I think he is 3rd on the list Mr. Warren B.


They nailed me this week and got the $79. I have reported them to our bank for fraud


Lowbow, Anon

You are speaking of things you know little. AIL whole life is comparatively priced on death benefits up to $25000 for healthy clients, above that amount many good carriers offer $50000 of death benefit for the same premium AIL wants for $25000. AIL term is the worst in the industry. As for being a contracted agent, the most recent Torchmark financial statements show an average AIL agent earns about $300 per week before paying expenses. For a 50 to 60 hour week that means the average agent earns far less at AIL than they would at McDonalds. This is not what is described during recruiting and is why 95% of newly contracted agents leave within 6 months, 98% within 1 year. With that extreme turnover, new agent are normally trained by agents with little industry or product knowledge. Agents are required to join a union and pay dues but never meet any union representatives. Agents are trained to set appointments without properly disclosing the true purpose of the appointment, a practice generally considered unacceptable to Insurance Commissioners.

To summarize, if you have a small policy with AIL you may be paying a competitive rate, not with larger policies. If you are contracted with AIL and are happy, great. However you can look around and see that of all the hundreds of agents contracted annually by your agency, there are only a handful of agents with over 1 year experience. And if you know anything about insurance you now AIL has the worst contract in the industry. That these statements are true is proven by AIL having the worst agent turnover in the industry and the worst policy retention in the industry.


I agree! Ail is a great company.

I purchased insurance from them at a great prem. price. And I did shop around. And i was so impressed with the agent that took care of my policy.

So if U want good whole life insurance they have it and u will be locked in, at the same premium for life.

it will never go up no matter what age u become. So PLEASE people don't listen to the haters


I am with the Pittsburgh office. I am doing quite well.

I don't know what happened that you had such a bad experience. Maybe you didn't want to put in the time it took or maybe you didn't believe in what you were selling enough and now blame the company. I can't speak for you, I can only speak for myself and I sell and am compensated.

You just go and get a job at Mcdonald's and when you are living paycheck to paycheck, don't post this garbage agin. Blame yourself not AIL for your shortcomings.

to Anon Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States #628666

Your position belies the multitude of posters here. "Every body out of step except Anon in Pittsburg! And refocus they weren't lbaming AIL for their own shortcomings but were exposing AIL's shortcomings.


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