In December of 2014, I signed up for a $10,000 life insurance policy. I wrote a check that day and authorized them to take out a set amount on the 6th of every month.

I got a letter about 6 weeks later telling me that they were still working on getting my policy done. Meanwhile the premium payment was being drawn out of my bank promptly on the 6th. In early March, I received a letter telling me that I was approved for a $5,000 policy and it would be about $10 more a month. I declined the policy.

A couple days later a representative called me and I told him that I was not interested in the policy offered and he told me at that time that no further monies would be withdrawn from my account and that I would be receiving a refund for the 4 months of premiums I had paid. Well....to my surprise on the 6th of April the money was withdrawn from my account AGAIN. No one has contacted me to follow up like I was told they would.

So now I am out 5 payments on a policy that I don't qualify for. I feel like I am being ripped off and am really pissed.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $180.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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If you got approved for the $5,000 counter-offer, that means you were declined for coverage due to your health. You were lucky to get any insurance offered at all, most people don't get that counter-offer, just declined with no option to take any coverage out on themselves.


A couple days after I did this complaint a rep for the company contacted me and we were able to resolve the problem. On the 15th I was given a full refund and the auto withdraw was taken off. I had talked to 3 people before I made the complaint and nothing was done.

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