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Got a call to come in for an interview. The person said it was for the position of benefits specialist and described the job as being in an office answering phone calls.

Upon arriving for the interview red flags began to fly!! First there is no guaranteed income, there is also no regular schedule so you might work 2 days this week and no days next week. Also they expect you to drive a lot. second they quickly began flashing dollar signs like crazy.

Any company that starts throwing dollar signs like that is a scam! Third they want you to take an online class that costs $150 to "START". I immediately knew it wasn't right. These people are scam artists and they bait there hook with promises of big money and they brag about what they supposedly make and own.

Totally worthless! If they call you you tell them NO!!

Its a total waist of time! SAY NO!!

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Let us address all of the bogus numbers floating around this post. First Joey, your numbers are projections which have no basis in fact, we know 98% of all new agents are unable to meet those numbers because they terminate within the year. We also know from AIL financial press releases that the average agent that stays 12 consecutive months earns $47000 including commissions bonuses and renewals, as that includes veteran agents managers and SGAs that number shows there is virtually no chance for a new agent to meet your projections.

Next Macker, AIL has approximately 75 SGAs and if each has 4 MGAs that totals 375 non-producing agents which will change my calculation be about 8% upwards. The auditors will not include a grossly inflated number aywher within the financial statements as it violates FASB, SEC, and numerous other regulations.

And again Macker the SGAs are charged a portion of any bonuses paid within their agency against hteir renewal ledger account (back end).

We know that 95% of all new agents leave within 6 months, 98% with in 1 year. We know that agents pay hundreds of dollars annually in union dues and almost no agent has seen a union representative. It is known within the industry that AIL has the worst contract, the worst agent turnover, the worst policy persistency, the worst term insurance, the worst senior policies, and the worst agent training in the industry.

to wghholtrad Livonia, Michigan, United States #701343

so u mean to tell me bud that all 4900 agents r out in a single week?? including all the new agents...and all veteran agents??

ok that makes sense?? just out of curiosity how many sga's r there in michigan?? how many in new zealand? canada???

how bout ireland??? how many ga's out on a full time basis bud??? hmmm??oh and veteran agents r considered people who stay over 1 year...oh and i looked up your number 1st years that stay a whole year make btwwen 47-51000 so i will give u that...the worst contract??? really u sure???

ive checked with friends that work for other compnies... bout 8 or 9 different ones to b exact and they dont have life time renewals just sayin...and guess what??? i got a 90% retention and 80% retention over the last 5 years... and yes i know how to calculate it cause i understand the ledger statements pages i get...

I AM NOT SAYING THAT EVERYTHING U R SAYIN IS WRONG.. I AM ACCUSING U OF STRETCHING THE TRUTH... so what is your story?? r u with the company or have u left??

cause if u r still with the company u r sure talkin a lot of trash bout your company!!!

i have asked u this already i believe and u still havent answered it??? what level r or were u at???

to macker1972 #701631

I'm not stretching anything, you are disputing Torchmark numbers verified by an independent auditing firm using FASB amd SEC standards and attested to by Torchmark executives under penalty of criminal sanctions. If the numbers are exaggerated as you imply, criminal behavior is taking place. If the numbers are correct (more probable) AIL has a terrible business model for the agent.

As to the contract, I am contracted with over 100 carriers, my agents receive base commissions from 70% to 105% depending on the carrier. All of the carriers have renewals for either 10 years or life depending on the carrier, guaranteed from policy placement. I have final expense agents from other carriers come to to me with large policies or hard to approve policies on a 1 time basis. They receive the agent commissions as stated and the renewals for 10 years or life guaranteed, no silly vesting schedule designed with agent turnover to roll up agent renewals to corporate.

Finally, you mentioned that you have an 80% retention with AIL over the last 5 years, excellent for AIL. Understand that AIL uses a 4 month retention number, policies issued and remaining inforce after 4 months. Most carriers use a 13 month retention measurement, policies remaining in force for 13 months. Most of my carriers have 13 month retentions exceeding 90%, versus AIL at less than 60% and therefore they prefer not to publish t. I have 3 carriers that increase renewals for agents achieving 90% or better 60 month retention.

to wghholtrad Livonia, Michigan, United States #702280

again not reding 80% over 5 years... 90% 13 month...

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #698262

I've been with AIL 3 months, love it... If you didn't even give it a chance you don't have a right to complain about it.

I've seen people go out their 1st week and make over $1500 with no sales experience. Our insurance sells itself... 1 our of every 3 people we see buy, so even if your bad at sales you'll get lucky pretty often. The average sale will make you $300 on your paycheck.

At least 30% of appointments you set up are guaranteed to be there. So with some simple math we can see that for ever 9 appointments you WILL make over $300. (Based on averages) If you decided to work only 8 hours a day, that is 40 appointments. Do the math and that's $1333 a week.

Also your $175 bonus for being in your first 6 months and $200 bonus for making enough sales. You just worked 40 hours that week and made $1708. This isn't going to happen every week of course, but it is the average agents income. So if you stick to that particular system you should average that over the course of a year.

Sounds too good to be true, keep believing that. Insurance Agents drive $50,000 cars and live in million dollar houses because they didn't give up their 1st day.

to Joey Livonia, Michigan, United States #698357

good for u joey!! lookin forward too possibly meeting u at convention in san francisco next may!!!

here is my email if u have any questions...about work or need to run something by then in san fran we will meet up one of the night and toast a beer to all the money we made !!!

Livonia, Michigan, United States #697178

oh and on a side note... insurance companies will not pay for your liscensing for the most part because u could take that and go work for a different company.

Livonia, Michigan, United States #697176

oh come on this is so total b s i have worked for the company for 12 years and this is not how they do interview practices!!! it is an a+ rated company.

grow up and understand what u r going into!!!

it is a sales position. if its not for u than fine.

to macker1972 #699008

I am not aware that anyone including the SGA has worked the Michigan office for 12 years. Now as to your your agreement with Joey, the convenient math that Joey uses is a lie.

AIL 2nd quarter results reported to the SEC are $41000000 net life sales from 5540 agents or $7401 in net life sales per agent for the 13 weeks in the quarter or $569 in weekly life sales.

At a 50% commission rate that is $285 in commission and with a 65% advance that is an advance check of $185 weekly. Opportunity Unlimited

to wghholtrad Livonia, Michigan, United States #699291

wghholtrad... well first of all u r correct on your agent count, but u r forgetting one small tiny piece to your numbers.

that is all people that have an agent number...people that have quit keep their agent number for a little while after, but thats not where i am going.... sga rga mga ga level managers all have agent numbers bud.. most of those dont go out in the field. so take about 1500 out of that number first..

also from the day u pass your test to get liscensed u r given an agent number... and i would be curious where u have gotten your idea of people out of michigan that havent been there 12+ years. there r at least 5 that i know off the top of my head... and the guy u r talking to is an agent of the year in the state of michigan..

one of the states sga's has now been there 9 years.. and i was there b for him...

i personally as a personal producer have never made less than 50000. and thats with never being in management.

to wghholtrad Livonia, Michigan, United States #699300

oh and wghholtrad, his numbers r correct if u do the math bud... if u r hitting the numbers he is talking about then u will make those numbers...I AM NOT ON HERE SAYING EVERY PERSON HITS THOSE NUMBERS CAUSE THEY DEFINATLY DONT...

BUT WHEN U DO HIT THOSE NUMBERS THAT IS THE MONEY U MAKE.. standard is 2200 alp per week. 50% commision brings 1100. 65% advance is approx 750.

with weekly bonus at 15% on 2200 being 333 that is a 1083 paycheck.. not his numbers, company standard numbers.

hey u can always go work for aaa and make 30,000 a year sit in an office all day if thats what u want...just curious u know so much about ail michigan , do u work with the company?? and if so i have pretty much revealed who i am...and if u do why u bad mouthing so much??

to macker1972 #699335

Of course your reply is nonsense. The agent count reported to the SEC is inflated???

Are you really claiming that Torchmark executives and their independent auditors are presenting inflated numbers?

Next AIL has made other financial press releases stating that the average AIL agent that stays 12 consecutive month earns $47000 in that period, that includes veteran agents renewals and bonuses. That is why 95% of all new agents leave within 6 months 98% within 1 year.

to macker1972 Livonia, Michigan, United States #699355

hey buddy read again u r missing what i said...the agent count is correct. i did not dissagree with the agent count..

all i said was in contrast to the 47,000,000 of business that was written in the last quarter...everyone from the brand new agent up to the sga in that state has an agent u know of any sga's that go out on a consistent basis? rga? mga? ga?

just sayin that u r dividing the number of agents with the company by the 47,000,000 of business that was written in the last quarter.. there is no whaere near that many agents ACTUALLY and i repeat ACTUALLY working out in the field the number is probably closer to 3500-4000 agents out in the field during that time period... by the way no comeback for the other numbers that i posted? or have u done your homework and now know who i am and u know im right.

dont see u on here describing who u r to me... if u dont want to put your name on here here is my email i have nothing to hide do you??? and another little tidbit since u know so much about michigan agents... i will b qualifying for million dollar club this year and another agent in michigan is in the million dollar club and has been with the company 15 years i believe..

and to do u one better there is an agent that has been there 27 years.. and guess what?? none of us r in management!!! on a side note stay 12 months earn roughly 47000.

well guess what 47,000 is pretty dam close to 50,000. i will give u that. and as for the number of people that leave??

u r probably pretty correct... and maybe our numbers r higher than the national average...but the national average makes only 35,000 a year...


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