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We'll pass this onto our Agency Division. Thanks for the feedback.

I worked for American income through Hunter houvener and lost almost 1000 dollars bc he made his callers provide on phone, minutes and laptops. He had us lie to people we scheduled interviews for and work off the clock.

Being an independent contractor, he tried to save money all he could. This included not giving his employees the bonuses they earned.

I thought I could trust this company but all I did was waste my time.

I encourage people to steer clear of this company. The insurance industry is hard to trust and their motto to "protect and serve each family and child" is a load of ***.

Monetary Loss: $800.

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Hi MC... or is it JM?

or James? Or Joey?

I'm not quite sure what to call you since you've posted under different "names" to a variety of posts within a short period of time (you might want to vary your writing style when you're pretending to be different people in the future - not to mention your IP address). Anyway, recent empirical data has shown that the PR work you're doing here actually produces a negative response by readers, as the large percentage of them recognize your type of postings to be paid responses.

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #698274

Oh wow, where to begin... First off the bonuses come from corporate, not from your SGA.

Not paying you your bonus would actually hurt him in the long run, it in no way could ever help him. Also, like 90% of all phones these days have unlimited minutes, and our offices have phones you could use even if you didn't have a phone. You said you lost money buying a laptop, so he took your laptop? Nope, you kept that when you left, so that isn't lost money.

Our agents take the time to visit families, put out boxes, and deliver FREE child safe kits. How is that not "protecting and serving each family and child", when I leave a house and don't make a sale, I am still very happy that I was able to give them a child safe kit.

They have been proven to safe lives and return children much more quickly. I understand your upset that you didn't succeed in this field, but don't create rumors to try and scare away people who may be able to do this job.

to Mc Phoenix, Arizona, United States #698285

SGAs participate in bonuses to agents. You clearly don't have a good knowledge of AIL. Many SGAs have appointment setters paid cash and not reported for taxes.

to wghholtrad Livonia, Michigan, United States #700960

as usual just like no comeback on pther posts wghholtrad,,, u r only speaking in half truths... the 5% 10% and 15% bonuses come from home office bud...

now if the sga puts out his or her own bonus for the week then that is their own personal bonus seperate from the home office bonus.. make sure u write a comment with the whole truth behind it... just like in all your other posts,,, you know for someone that has a lot of knowledge of the company and how it works u sure dont like to tell the full truth to the people. u r very selective on how u interpret the company's actions!!!

and explain to me why an sga would b dumb enough to pay an appointment setter under the table??? thagt is just plain dumb.

if an sga pays the appointment setter underneath the table he cant write it off on his taxes and that becomes lost money to him or her. that makes no sense from a tax write off standpoint.

to macker1972 #723154

Apparently you macker1972 DONT know your company as well as you think! Yes the SGA does pay part of those 5%, 10%, and 15% bonuses.

Oh and the 10% vesting each year, do you realize if you've been there under 4 years you ARENT vested as they lead you to believe? I was with this scam company for over a year. I've learned that they don't care for their agents, they don't care about agent retention... If they cared then the longer you are with them the better you would get paid like your normal companies.

No everything in this company is based on first 6 month agents production. The name of the game is recruit, recruit, recruit! They more 6 month agents, the less renewals, the more money in Torchmark and your SGA's pocket!

There are many companies out there who pay much higher commission rates than AIL.

If you're interested in life insurance sells do your homework and don't work for a company with this many bad reviews. They are a SCAM!!!

to wghholtrad #723120

SGAs 'participate' in bonuses to agents as we 'participate' in paying taxes. They should and do and if they do not (I'm not talking about when an agent falls below his retention or NTG(Net-to-gross) and lose their bonuses) I'm talking about when they're eligible - qualified and have met all expectations before receiving a bonus and are not getting them) then there are massive repercussions, not to mention the SGA doesn't typically handle bonuses directly.

They're paid by home-office into each agents account and the bonuses are taken from the SGAs via same method.

The SGA wouldn't typically just write a check to each agent. So I'm not really sure what you're talking about.

to Anonymous #723388

as usual ex agent u r wrong take it from someone who has been with the company 13 years almost now u get 10% per year and u will get those renewals if u quit or leave in good standing b fore that. ex.

u work 5 years for the company u will get your renewals for 5 years. as long as u r in good standing AND u dont go out and try to replace any of your policies with maybe another company u r now working for. if u do that and get caught u will lose them. as for under 4 years yes u do get them as long as stated above.

if u arent getting them it is probably because of one of those things mentioned above or your retention sucked. yes im sure there r companies that may pay better. their always is..oh and to answer your other comment... if u write quality along with quantity u do get raises smart guy.

agent contract starts at i believe 40% i believe and can reach as high as a 65% contract as u hit performance levels. and its there plain and simple right in your agent contract... and no u dont need to go into management. i have never ever been in management..

u were there a year or maybe a little less so dont come on here preaching when u dont know all. oh and by the way put your agent name and what u do for a living out there on any of the and such and u will get calls left and right from state farm bankers life farm beauro any of themalso primeamerica..

just try and u will see. and go see how u get treated there


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