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On wednesday feb. 6th a man named jason contacted me stating a friend had reffered me to recieve a free amber alert kit, in case my child was ever to get lost.

I remember having a fingerprint type kit when i was younger that my mom had kept, so I continued to let the man speak. He said he comes your house to sign you up for the amber alert. I was available Saturday am after I had a meeting at work i told him I would be home at abt 11ish from meeting so anytime after that would be good...So my meeting let out a little early and I pull up to my house at 10:30 and there is a car with two guys in front of my house. I get out of my car and the driver of the vehicle gets out of car and says hello and what not and while he is talking all i notice is this tongue ring flapping around meanwhile I am trying to figure out why there is another guy still sitting in the car when he never said anything about bringing anyone with him to sign up for an amber alert kit.

Kind of a little freaked out at this point becaue I am a single mother and this whole situation seemed weird as it was happening so I made up an excuse and told him we could reschedule...after talking to my dad he never heard of them coming to your house to sign you up for something like this and told me to just tell him you are not interested...So since he contacted via cell phone I sent him a text thanking him for the offer but telling him polietly we were going to pass on this offer for now. He gets snipy and says are you serious? Your friend ******* referred you into the program, we handle the benefits for the police response was, ok that's fine but I'm passing on this offer, thanks! He responds by saying..."Thats no problem, I'm sorry you don't see any need to protect your child especially knowing Pennsylvania just hit top 3 for child luring and abductions but that's fine I wont call again.

I have a lot of families who can't wait for me to get out to them. -----Are you kidding me?!!!! Who are you to say something like this to someone you dont even know?! Turns out this guy is really trying to sell you life insurance on top of this free kit.

His name is Jaison and he works for American Income and has insulted me and should be fired for contacting me and insulting me all via text like a real professional dummy! I am glad this company uses a scare/insult tactic to get business...that will almost work....I called and made a complaint and already got a call back from some RGA named Randy, after office hours so he sounds concerned about this rude employee he has representing this company. Needless to say this guy Randy has the nerve to ask if i would feel more comfortable with a female coming to my house instead? Are you serious?

----Why would I want anyone male/female from your company still coming to my house to try to get me to purchase life insurance from a company whos employee just told me I don't see any need to protect my child because I refused their services! Please share with your family, friends, and everyone you know!!!

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Asheville, North Carolina, United States #671150

This is exactly how they treated my family as well. I was visiting my parents at their house when two agents showed up uninvited and unannounced at the door. At first my mother was not going to let them in but then they lied by saying my grandmother had sent them, so thinking she was doing the right thing she let them it.....What a mistake that was!

It was a man and women, both probable in their mid to late twenties. It was very clear right away that their parents obviously never taught them what respect is, I have never in my life seen someone be so disrespectful and rude to my parents! My mother and father are old enough to be their parents and definitely deserve respect in their own home!

My mother told them from the start she was not going to sign up for anything or give any money so there was really no need to waste their time. They made it clear to her that they had no plans of taking NO for an answer! From the start my parents did not feel comfortable answering the very personal questions that they were being asked by these two complete strangers and my mom had no problem telling them that. The guy being the *** that he was responded to her by telling her that she was a very disrespectful person and that she should be thinking him for taking his time to offer her the help she needs. She pointed out to him that this is her home and that they happen to be uninvited guest in it at this time, if they felt disrespected then they were welcome to leave! They refused though, instead just ignoring her concerns and talking in more and more circles about their scam insurance that my parents so desperately need, well according to these two anyways. Because it totally makes sense to cancel the reputable insurance that you already have through your employer (that also happens to be cheaper), so that you can then buy insurance from two people you don't even know that randomly just show up at your house and try to bully you into signing their papers.....I mean who wouldn't love a deal like that? I kid, but seriously what kind of business runs this way?

The kicker of the whole deal is that even after both of my parents telling them NO several times and asking them another several times to please leave. They still had the nerve to wait for my mother to leave the room and then ask my father for a blank check so that they could have my parents bank routing number! They said the only way to make payments (on the plan that my parents told them they would NOT be buying!?!?) was through direct deposit so they had to have it. When my mom heard that she about hit the roof and let them know they were no longer welcome and if they had a problem she would call the police and they could help them sort it out. The guy realizing he was never gonna make the sell (**cough** commission **cough**) then turns to my father and say's "wow, well we sure know who wears the pants in this family" referring to my mother! He then slams the door and finally the two of them left.

I could not believe it that I just witnessed what I had, and yet they honestly try to call themselves a legitimate business. No company with any respect for their customers would ever let their agents treat potential customers the way that these two just had, but it is clear that company is not a legitimate business so why am I surprised? They tried their hardest for three hours to bully my parents into signing up for this scam and then became more and more ragged as they figured out that they were not going to be dumb enough to actually do so. I understand why they were pissed, they had just wasted three hours of everybody's time and didn't make a dime of the commission money I know they were so desperately after. Oh well! Maybe if they were not so *** rude right from the get go they would actually be able too fool someone into signing up for this bull. Considering how patient my parents actually were with them even after they were disrespectful and used name calling to bully them, I can only imagine how others react when these two show up at their door!

I'm glad I came online and looked it up afterwords, my suspicions were confirmed. My mother actually felt bad after it happened thinking that she was too rude to them and maybe she should have actually considered it. Luckily I was right and was able to show her all the unsatisfied customers online to reassure her that she did the right thing. This must just be normal practices for these people considering the shear number of complains that can be found about them online. When there is more bad then good written about a company online it is best to just stay away which is clearly the case with these people!

Overland Park, Kansas, United States #607905

I'm not clear, when they set the appointment with you, did they disclose that this was a sales appointment to sell life insurance? If not, call the insurance commissioner of your state and complain.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #607543

As nice as it would sound to say that they really care...the reality of the matter is, all they see you as is a possible paycheck. Yes, they will try and sell you life insurance that you "need" and they will rebut every arguement you throw at them by belittling you and saying that you obviously don't care enough about your family to protect them.

Despite everything that they say, they really don't offer the best products for the best prices for working families. I've gone out since then and found truly affordable plans that include whole life insurance on both my son and myself and mortgage insurance that is over half of the price that they were saying that I had to pay.


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